Set in Belle Époque France, the story follows nineteen-year-old "hysteria" patient Augustine, the star of Professor Charcot's experiments in hypnosis, as she transitions from object of study to object of desire.

A look at the relationship between pioneering 19th century French neurologist Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot and his star teenage patient, a kitchen maid who is left partially paralyzed after a seizure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Augustine torrent reviews

J S (gb) wrote: Not a bad sequel at all but what else do you expect from Pixar.

Rameshwar I (ru) wrote: A smart honest rookie cop goes undercover, broken to the edge and survives, sympathizes with the gang and eventually rises above the dilemma and does the right thing. Each of us has come across at least one movie with a similar storyline. What makes the writers, directors and film makers revisit this theme that has been told over and over? Going away from the glamorous and over-the-top Bond or Ethan Hunt style spy movies, the closest you would come across in terms of reality are these undercover thrillers. If they are done well, there is an immediate connect with the audience, they root for the protagonist, they empathize with the emotions leading to repetitive views and healthy box office collections. Movies based on white supremacist antagonists in Hollywood are not common. While they come sporadically, featuring mainstream actors is rarer like American History X, A Time to Kill etc. Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe) is a loner but highly intellectual FBI agent eager to make a mark. An imminent threat alert drives the department over the edge to investigate and identify the source of the threat and the entire department directs their focus on radical Islamic terrorism. When officer Angela (Toni Collette) suggests a possibility of domestic terrorism involving right wing fascist groups, her superiors and peers ridicules her except Nate. Angela manages to convince her boss and requests for Nate to go undercover as she has seen him before on how he could connect with suspects and get them to talk. Using her years of undercover experience, she gives a crash course to Nate on how he could infiltrate a potential fascist group which can lead him to connect with the nationwide leader who provokes through fascism Dallas Wolf (Tracy Letts). Having not followed Daniel Radcliffe's filmography except for the initial Harry Potter movies, I had nothing to expect of his performance or his script choices. But definitely looks like he has come a long way. There are moments in the movie which doesn't quite add up - some of them plainly contrived while others loosely written, but Radcliffe shoulders the burden of patching them up and even turns some of them into gripping, gritty and soulful sequences. The supporting cast gives good performances as well if we ignore some cliched characters here and there. There are 2 important points of note that transcends to real world on how radicalization occurs - a charismatic leader delivering an irresponsible speech not knowing the consequences, brainwashing the children at a very tender age before they could understand and decide for themselves.Going to the technical departments, the runtime is crisp with the screenplay and editing departments that knows where to indulge and where to be brief. The background score is an asset to the movie that varies by the mood and at times even sets it up. While it has its overwhelming positives, it is not a smooth road always especially towards the end when Radcliffe's character attempts to convince too many people. Also the character Gerry Conway played by Sam Trammell has a sudden change to the character arc where he goes from a loving family man, a rational thinker but with a fascist mindset to a downright radical ready to give up his life in a spur of the moment. However there are enough elements to keep the audience at the edge of their seats leading up to the suspenseful climax even if one could guess how it might end from a mile away. A Daniel Radcliffe show that is taut, thrilling and insightful.

Manvi M (gb) wrote: I've watched all the Wrong Turn movies, and i would say that this one is the shittiest one. Seriously, it is bullshit! I didn't like it at all.

Rawballs B (jp) wrote: A musical sequel that rocks the original! =)

Leonard D (au) wrote: It was fun, and Robin Williams is one of the best parts of the film. Unfortunately, a bunch of stuff happens in this film, which doesn't make sense. It's complicated for me to explain allot of it, because I haven't seen the entire flick in many years!

Kate B (br) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies. Yes, it is a little cheesy, but I haven't found any movie that has come close to a concept like this that can even touch this movie!

Bogdan S (de) wrote: Rossy de Palma, what a camp! Hilarious stuff de Pedro!

Jason D (jp) wrote: The Willies is a campy and light-hearted horror film about two brothers camping with their cousin (the film's star Sean Astin) whom are all camping outside in a tent and telling spooky stories. Leading up to the opening credits, the boys tell a few mini-gross out stories. There's even a nod towards Astin's role in Goonies, which is clever and cute. As the movie gets rolling, Astin tells his cousins the story of a school janitor who's really a monster in disguise that eats bullies and mean-spirited teachers. This story was rather amusing, and surprisingly dark (taking child murder and making it funnier than it already is onscreen). The monster effects are hilarious and dated, but fun, and I would take these kinds of effects over CGI ANY day of the week. The second story revolves around Gordy Belcher (played by rotund kid Michael Bowen from Salute Your Shorts and that recent Super Bowl commercial where he juices up a vehicle by attaching the cords to his nipples and dancing to the Salt N Pepa song), a disgusting and mean-spirited kid who has a very unusual hobby dealing with flies. After stealing so much manure from a local farmer, Gordy soon gets a comeuppance that downright hilarious thanks to the silly special effects again. Overall, I'm surprised this film doesn't have more of a cult following. It was a lot of fun to watch, just for the mere fact of how campy it is. Good early 90's fun! Be on the lookout for a blink and you'll miss him cameo from Clu Gulager (Feast trilogy) as a school principal.

Jeffrey M (nl) wrote: A very funny and underrated film from 1984. Three middleaged men trying to get women enlist the help of a stud. A very funny movie with a lot of great moments.

Adam M (nl) wrote: It has good cinematography and Dabney Coleman is great in his double role, but the boy lead, Henry Thomas, seems a little autistic at times. This is a brave kids movie in that the hero is so wrapped up in his spy-videogame world that we know it's probably not healthy, even if the stuffy adult world tells him the same thing. Cloak & Dagger is fun because it is serious about murder, with cold Hitchcockian touches that don't suggest the kids will make it out alive. The movie gets bad whenever other little touches make it seem like a Disney TV movie.The screenplay seems to suggest that these events could all be his fantasy taken too far, and then not follow through with this idea (which would have given us an ending like Total Recall's), because that might be too frightening a possibility for a younger audience. Robert Rodriguez or M. Night S. should remake it or maybe that's too obvious.

Shakira M (us) wrote: This pair work really great together. One of My favor romantic movie.

Paul J (kr) wrote: Cronenberg's second feature is far more epic than Shivers but it lacks some of its predecessor's originality. Yet, there's plenty to analyze with both films. They pioneered body horror at a time where most threats in horror films were from something "out there", unlike these films, where they focused on what's inside us. This would lead to the fear of disease and infection that influenced later horror films. There's also some pretty crazy moments throughout; including Santa Claus being mowed down by a machine gun! Interestingly, porn star Chambers replaced Cronenberg's first choice, Sissy Spacek (who would go on to do Carrie the same year). However, Chambers does a solid job and Cronenberg was happy with her performance, despite the fact that her husband was on set with a handgun the entire time. Yikes! Talk about pressure. In the end, despite Rabid missing elements that make Shivers and especially The Brood so good, it does still have its appeal. Especially when you place Cronenberg's oeuvre in perspective. After all, it was these films that helped horror get taken more seriously as far as film theory and criticism were concerned.

Bilal a (fr) wrote: Brilliant story. And goose bump ending

Greg W (mx) wrote: reminded me of the superior horror pic 'videodrome'

Lini S (br) wrote: Great movie. The storyline flowed and was wonderful to watch. I will be recommending this to my friends. :)