Austin to Boston

Austin to Boston

Austin to Boston follows a group of talented musicians as they battle the elements in VW camper vans to tour for thousands of fans from Austin to Boston.

  • Category:Documentary, Music
  • Stars:Unknown
  • Uploader:Fakinsai
  • Country:USA, Australia, UK
  • Director:James Marcus Haney
  • Writer:James Marcus Haney (story), Ty Johnson (story), Gill Landry, Ben Lovett (story)

5 old VW camper vans. 4 bands. 3 thousand miles. 2 weeks. 1 gloriously backwards tour. The adventure starts after a fire-fuelled final night at Austin's SXSW Music
Festival| where the bands (Ben Howard| The Staves| Nathaniel Rateliff| Bear's Den) pile into their rides and head northeast. They play everywhere from bars to barns|
rooms to rooftops| packing out tiny venues and wowing crowds with their unique sounds. But heavy rainstorms| multiple breakdowns| and cramped conditions remind them
that to push through sometimes you need to pull together. Featuring Mumford & Sons' Ben Lovett and narrated by Gill Landry this documentary is about a modern tour|
done the old fashioned way. 70 mins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Austin to Boston torrent reviews

William M (nl) wrote: Surprisingly good for LMN

Martine A (fr) wrote: good story, bad acting.

Jocey D (gb) wrote: Interesting. Keeps you wondering but not much palpable tension or surprises. Didn't live up to its potential.

Harry G (ca) wrote: As a comedy, it's not particularly funny. As a drama, it's not particularly moving. Efira in particular does her best, but the film lacks structure and the scenes play like disparate episodes rather than a narrative.

Erin C (jp) wrote: Different in that there was not exactly a happy ending.