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A broadway playwright is burning the candle at both ends. He is dealing with pressure from a production nearing premiere, a wife who is leaving him, and 5 children 4 of which belong to her.

While facing the stress of his play being produced on Broadway, a playwright deals with having to raise his son, his stepdaughters, and his stepsons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler P (mx) wrote: Je m'attendais un peu de lgret mais c'tait souvent lourd, gras, pathtique et sans aucune subtilit. Je n'ai mme pas pu aller jusqu'au bout. Nul.

Luca B (nl) wrote: Quite an interesting documentary film, aimed at explaining how a television entrepreneur changed italian TV forever and, in the process, managed to become prime minister. Wittlingly biased against the unscrupulous unseen main character, this movie actually shows how deeply a whole country can be influenced by television and media, and what happens when human values are depleted to external appearance, search for fame and greediness.Watch it if you want a better understanding of what's going on in Italy in the last 15 years.

Tom M (gb) wrote: Kevin Smith tries of make a buddy cop comedybut Cop Out is not funny, Bruce Willis is phoning it in, and Tracey Morgan becomes unbearable halfway through the movie.

Shay B (ca) wrote: Really weird. There should have been English subtitles so I could understand the dialog! It took me quiet a while to get used to. I'm not sure if it was trying to be horror or what. Ok for a redbox rental but don't buy it or anything.

Ummay B (fr) wrote: I would rate it as a 5 star movie since it is based on social issues in India. I appreciated Mohan's character. He is very concerned for his country...I am very anti patriotic hence I really appreciated him for having this rare quality...And of course SRK is hot in formal! :) :$ *blush*....

Camille L (jp) wrote: Coinc entre Fargo, The Locusts et U-Turn, cette comdie trs noire situe dans un coin paum du Montana est tout simplement un gchis d'un excellent casting, compos du trio Joaquin Phoenix - Vince Vaughn - Janeane Garofalo et d'un supporting cast plutt sympathique. En effet, les acteurs parviennent amliorer le scnario indigent malgr ses multiples twists et dviations inutiles. Si deux ou trois scnes sont franchement russies, l'ensemble ne l'est vraiment pas, d un norme problme de ton. David Dobkin ne semble pas savoir si son film est une comdie trs noire ou un film noir avec une touche de comdie. Du coup, le film est plus agaant qu'autre chose et se trouve tre interminable. Un gros loup heureusement aujourd'hui quelque peu oubli.

Freddie F (de) wrote: Verge of tears. Magnificent!

Logan M (ru) wrote: Sort of wooden and hollow, but moderately powerful.

Joseph S (kr) wrote: The level of intimacy achieved in the watermelon woman is startling enough that it's lack of formal and technical skill, can be overlooked, for the most part anyway. Though it's subject is interesting some really wooden scenes awkwardly interrupt the flow of the better ones. Marginality is the central theme, as our heroin attempts to explore the identities of black actresses who played the help in early Hollywood films and often went uncredited. She picks out one attractive woman to zero in on and finds history mirroring her life. And then cue an awkward 90's hip hop dancing transition scene.

Owen M (gb) wrote: A wonderful, stirring movie and my favourite performance by Liam Neeson.

Daniel M (gb) wrote: A boring action flick that offers very little besides all the cliches in the book. It is hard to be thrilled when you can foresee everything that is going to happen, and when our main hero is and villain are as shallow as they come.

Jonah S (jp) wrote: There is nothing happy about this movie. I've heard people call this a kids' film, but I don't how you could make that mistake after seeing the first scene of a dog being repeatedly drowned and resuscitated at an animal testing facility for research purposes. Yeah, it's a cartoon and has talking animals, but this would mess kids up if they watched it. It's a really incredible movie though, if you can get past the fact that it sugar-coats nothing and was not made to make you feel good. Don't watch it right before going to bed though like I did, it will mess up your next day.

Akhil A (ru) wrote: Not a great Hitchcock flick,but i must mention Alfred Hitchcock has not done a single movie that u can dislike...!!!Hats Off...

Ziv E (au) wrote: Well animated, but a bit uneven on the story and characters(But hey, it's at least not as painfully boring or exhaustingly annoying as much as Finding Dory!)

Camden N (gb) wrote: Like most of Bava's early work, it's nice to look at but very, very dull. Also, I noticed that Bava used the exact same scare sequence in this and Baron Blood. If you see both films you'll know the one, as they're not only the same scare but they're shot exactly the same way! If you want great Bava, skip the 60's (except for Kill, Baby, Kill!) and watch his 70's stuff (especially Lisa and the Devil, Rabid Dogs, Twitch of the Death Nerve, and Shock).And if you're expecting another Alien with this, you'll be severely disappointed. It is interesting to see how the filmmakers may have been inspired by this, though.*Update*As with most Bava films, I didn't like it much at first but have grown to admire it. It's not the most action-packed film certainly, but it has a mood all its own, one of creeping dread and isolation which must have influenced the great horror filmmakers of the 70's and 80's more than a little (especially John Carpenter's The Thing, a film whose finale bears some striking similarities to this one). It's no Lisa and the Devil or Black Sabbath, but its power is undeniable. I'm definitely eager to see this one again.