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A successful TV star during the 1960s, former "Hogan's Heroes" actor Bob Crane projects a wholesome family-man image, but this front masks his persona as a sex addict who records and photographs his many encounters with women, often with the help of his seedy friend, John Henry Carpenter. This biographical drama reveals how Crane's double life takes its toll on him and his family, and ultimately contributes to his death

A story about "Hogan's Heroes" star Bob Crane and his friendship with John Carpenter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris N (it) wrote: A ton of characters aren't developed in the right way, and several scenes drag on for much longer than they need to. However, Anohana really stunned me with its raw and genuine emotion, stunning anime style, and terrific voice performances all around. And it's worth checking out simply because of the amount of genuine and raw emotion they put in here.

Tuukka P (mx) wrote: Story of the Finnish rock band Hurriganes (or mostly of its front man Remu) in the 70's. A bit too cleaned up version for my taste and as mentioned it focused a bit too much on Remu and his life story. Music is top notch of course.

Tom M (kr) wrote: Toy Story 3 is hilarious, adventurous, and emotional. It wraps up the trilogy in perfect fashion and will have you missing these fun characters by the end.

Leonard D (gb) wrote: This was meh, stick to the Claude Rains classic! It's more worth your time than this downer! Elizabeth Shue went from smart to obnoxious in this role with "You wanna be God? I'll show you God!" Oh please honey! You couldn't have tried to be any more corny with that line delivery!? Sign....The Invisible Man from 1932 is timeless compared to Hollow Man!

Devon P (ca) wrote: OMG! I would rather watch flies on roadkill, up close, on a hot summer day, than to watch this steaming turd of a movie again! I bought a copy in the $5.00 bin and paid $4.99 too much! Other than giving us a snapshot of the late 1970s, there is no hope for this one! What were they thinking? Sorry Fred! D. Pruitt - Michigan

Pavan S (es) wrote: the title song sums it up best 'seedhe raste ki yeh, ulti chal hai ...'

Morris N (de) wrote: It's good. Not as good as Funny Girl, but sequels are seldom as good as the films they follow.

John A (nl) wrote: Remake Of The French Hit, Produced By Luc Besson, (Creator/Producer Of The Original Series), This US Remake May Have Bombed But Is Better Than The Fourth Installment Of The Original Series. Although The Film Tries To Be Different & Better Than The Original It Falls Flat On It's Face, But Still Manages To Have Some Comedic Touches, (Although Bad But Laughable). A Decent Remake But Like Most Doesn't Get Near To Touching The Original.

Paul D (fr) wrote: I found this to be just awful. It had potential, but it never really grabbed hold of my attention. I would certainly recommend that you skip this one.