Autumn Ball

Autumn Ball

A young writer called Mati is stalking his ex-wife, while also trying to make unsuccessful passes at other women. Augusti is a barber living a dreary bachelor life who forms a bond with little girl, but his approaches are misconstrued as pedophilia. Laura, a single mom, tears up over sappy soap operas, but refuses real-life advances from clueless men, because her ability to trust has been ruined by her violent drunk of an ex-husband. Maurer, the architect, worries about the wellbeing of humanity, but ignores his own wife Ulvi, who in turn looks for solace in the arms of a coatroom attendant named Theo. Women have always liked Theo, but due to his low social status, they don't take him seriously. All of these people might inhabit identical tower blocks, but they couldn't feel more alienated from each other if they tried.

A film about the loneliness, despair and hope of six people who all live in a bleak Soviet-era apartment complex in Tallinn, Estonia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Autumn Ball torrent reviews

Abdullah Y (us) wrote: Started great but then it changed gear and became more generic. Still it had some funny moments, and especially great villain. 3/5

Gamhey W (de) wrote: loved this. does not deserve such low ratings

Dustin M (ag) wrote: the trailers before are a reason to see this cause they are soo horrendous, good thing this movie is great, old school vampire with comedy and awesomeness, i highly recommend

Dave B (au) wrote: Hmmm, "Produced by Sam Raimi" should be a warning, but I'm interested.

Ralph R (ru) wrote: Up on the roof is a lonely tin man! Bore him to death awkard mustard.

Mikael K (ag) wrote: A satisfying adaptation of one of Christie's less original books. A very enjoyable mystery, nontheless.

Andrew B (de) wrote: enjoyable clint classic.

Desari D (nl) wrote: me n my family love thie movie we watch it when we can n we love the songs i got the soundtrack for this ^_^

Seth W (fr) wrote: Showcases the both the disgusting and admirable, the strengths and weaknesses of men. As a movie though, it's rather cold and detached. Like watching an interview where the interviewer isn't asking the questions you want answered. Not really on my list of must-sees.