Avanti popolo

Avanti popolo

A beautiful anti-war movie. It describes the surreal journey of two Egyptian soldiers as they're coming back to Cairo from the Six-day War of 1967. One is an aspiring actor, whose biggest role so far was that of Shakespeare's Shylock (the irony of fate), who contributes the role of the sad clown (played by the Arab-Israeli actor Salim Daw).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Arabic,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

June 11th 1967, the Six-Day War is over and the cease fire has just begun. We follow the journey of Gassan and Haled, two Egyptian soldiers whose only wish is to make their way through the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (au) wrote: If you are a fan of movies the stories he tells behind the ones he has made will definitely interest you. Simple as that.

Robbie V (ru) wrote: Derivative but still entertaining.

Andrew D (es) wrote: Quite a good film for those who like a good head scratcher, also the ending is a personal favorite

Ryan C (ru) wrote: pretty decent story and good acting new side of mr jackson

Rohit V (es) wrote: dint find that much interesting & very slow...

Adrian M (us) wrote: jajaajjaajja pinche mascarita.. y el canibal..jajajaja esta de...

Michael T (us) wrote: Marquerite Moreau gives an appealing performance in this slight romcom.

Nathan A (ag) wrote: Very solid, but falls short of greatness.

tiffany e (es) wrote: loved this movie and can't find it anywhere to rent or buy!!!

Alex K (it) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Matthew N (mx) wrote: 10 on 10.This is one of the best movies ever made.Enough said.Recommend.

danny d (fr) wrote: as most people have never even heard of this movie, i think people would be greatly surprised by the superb cast including mickey rourke, adrien brody, and tupac shakur. the film has a tendancy to be a bit formulaic in spots, but entertaining and worthwhile non the less.

Sage H (es) wrote: I actually really liked this a lot more than the first. I felt that, although the predecessor had a good story, this one had a wider and bigger concept behind it which really gave Dirty Harry a big challenge. I felt that it was more intense and gripping than the previous but still had that witty charm that we love about Clint Eastwood in his film career.

jay n (de) wrote: Lovely film, the ending is a killer.

Dennis R (ca) wrote: This is not an entertaining film. I do not need to be force fed the current, harsh reality of Islamic radicalism in Europe (by American actors or writers) that was predictable due to poor leadership married to greed since WWII. Why are so many American actors playing Europeans? Is Europe facing a serious shortage of actors? Really? By the way, Defoe is possibly one of the biggest users and enablers in the history of film. He is no stranger to an illicit needle. Defoe looks like what happens to you when you do hard drugs for years and survive. I have not seen Defoe in a watchable movie since The English Patient. I do not think it was advisable for Defoe and Hoffman to be together in this film. Period. The subject matter made me want to contemplate doing serious drugs and I have never done them in my life. Uninspiring and demoralizing but informative if you want a docudrama on the mundane, ennui of terror in our century. Who cares to see this? As for Hoffman I did enjoy his presence in about three films. What an ignominious ending (upon hearing of his drug assisted suicide) to this excellent and unpredictable character actor that is greatly needed to cut through the malignant narcissism that rules in Dollywood. Do not waste your money, or even more important, your time, on this.

Ilsa L (it) wrote: What a great movie! Even though the plot is simple, ithe storyline is compelling, the performances from the cast are excellent and Wise's direction is first class. Recommended viewing for sure!

Bill M (ca) wrote: One of the best war moves ever made and one that still stands up after fifty years. Plenty of heroes, but no silly villans.