Indranath’s son is ill, Guru Omkarananda suggests he pray to the goddess Kamala. His son improves but bad luck follows Indranath; his son and daughter die. Unable to stand the grief the Queen/Kalyani loses her mental equilibrium. Goddess Kamala manifests as Rupasi, the daughter of Omkarananda. Virodhananda and his son Tribhanga are the incarnation of Narad and Narayan on earth. The kingdom goes through difficult times. Omkarananda is arrested and Rupasi goes to meet Bastabesh/Indranath who is attracted to her. Rupasi takes refuge in Birodhananda’s house to avoid Bastabesh’s advances. Birodhananda is interested in getting his son Tribhanga married to Rupasi. Bastabesh goes after Rupasi/Kamala who blinds him. Finally the gods perform their miracle and a repentant Bastabesh is restored his sight and kingdom.

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Steve M (jp) wrote: I caught this film at a film festival and actually would like to see it again.

Kaff231 (mx) wrote: I am very disappointed in this movie. The CGI was pretty good hence the two stars other than that It was basically a hodge podge of familiar characters remesense of days gone by in a typical middle class life. Throw in an alien from Close Encounters who seems to run havoc and there room for disaster! There was one part where the main character (Joe Lamb) is staring face to face with the alien and starts a conversation with it like it was E.T. Smh* What an absolutely ridiculous movie. 1:52 wasted minutes of my life I will never get back.

Ben H (ru) wrote: I was expecting a love story...yet I got much more than I bargained for...that feels like 28 Weeks Later with less gore...and in the end, it kinda make "sense"?

Aj V (ca) wrote: This is a fantastic old horror movie, I really enjoyed it, and I highly recommend it. It has a good cast and story.

Karsten B (ru) wrote: En noget anderledes (og norsk) animationsfilm, som ikke lige rammer mig. Der er sjove scener, men filmen er noget langsom og smkedsommelig.

Adam C (gb) wrote: A gripping and twisted view of reality TV.

mary c (br) wrote: I saw this movie, excellent love story, and life expectation changes.

Lee B (ca) wrote: Worth it for the music alone...

Sharon L (kr) wrote: This was a very funny film, But what would you expect with Rob Schnieder.

Ilsa L (us) wrote: Nick and Nora are looking decidedly older in this outing. That being said, I enjoyed this adventure more than their previous "The Thin Man Goes Home". Wonderful performances including the talented Gloria Grahame as Fran.

Carlos M (mx) wrote: A very funny comedy of manners adapted from an acclaimed play and elegantly directed, even if a bit repetitive after some time - and it takes place entirely inside an apartment, sustained by a sharp dialogue and exquisite performances, with Winslet and Waltz stealing the show.

Jill R (au) wrote: A terrific documentary that has your interest from the start that shows an interesting idea and execution is amazing a terrific film and documentaryGrade A