Aventure malgache

Aventure malgache

The Moliere players are in their dressing room getting ready to go on set. One actor mentions to another that his face reminds him of an opportunist turncoat he once knew when he was in the Resistance in France. He relates the adventure that he had in the Resistance - running an illegal radio station and dodging the Nazis.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:32 minutes
  • Release:1944
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   spy,   actor,  

The Moliere players are in their dressing room, getting ready to go on set. One actor mentions to another that his face reminds him of an opportunist turncoat he knew when he was in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan G (de) wrote: I found it interesting that western critics claim that 'a better film might have proved cathartic' or called this 'an explotitative docudrama' whilst Indian film critics generally praised the film as a powerful retelling of a horrific event.It speaks to the degree of misunderstanding we have about horrific acts that can occur anywhere around the world. It is an accurate retelling of a terrible event, with powerful performances from Nana Patekar and Sanjeev Jaiswal.This is a Indian film giving an Indian perspective on a horrific event that occured. Rather than castigate the accurate level of violence portrayed, lets try to appreciate the insight into the healing process that many are still going through.

Anastasia (mx) wrote: Traps could use some more work along with two members of the gang (14) LIBRARY

Kat V (us) wrote: What a beautiful man, and not without his flaws. I really appreciate how fair and honest this documentary was. Reagan as a man, not as the hero everyone built him up to be. It surprised me at how stubborn of a radical he could be... but through all his actions his intentions shine through. RIP Ronald Wilson Reagan... You were a brilliant light when we needed it most.

Craig T (mx) wrote: Proof that stylish direction, great performances and good dialogue do not always a good movie make.

Patrick M (ag) wrote: Sad outlook on what war has become. Kind of a happy ending though.

Kayla W (ru) wrote: i feel soo mean kill

Paul A (ca) wrote: bit of a mix of The Mist and Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. nothing to test the grey matter but a good popcorn film to watch on a Sunday afternoon.

Mike W (nl) wrote: Corbin Bleu is pretty good at double dutch!

Alexandra K (br) wrote: The story makes a super philosopher seem human, with frailties that we all suffer. It also makes for an interesting story of how psychoanalysis came about. I can imagine that it really did develop this way as Breuer and Feud discovered what worked and what didn't.I liked it a lot, even though I think the book was better.

Noname (mx) wrote: Nice martial art movie based from some comic book. A bit like Dead or Alive/Mortal Kombat with some nice scenes and awesome fighting. The story shortly is about 3 guys ( 2 of them are brothers) that must deal with the criminal masters in Hong Kong. Recommend to see this one and enjoy..

Bill R (gb) wrote: This is one of the coolest original ideas in a while. Very good.

Matthew J (es) wrote: I quite enjoyed "Duplex" just as much I enjoy Ben Stiller in every movie he does. It's an enjoyably hilarious comedy in the vein of old 1940s screwball comedies (only dirtier).

Ryan C (mx) wrote: had some funny parts but wasnt anything to special

sitenoise (br) wrote: The most beautiful film I've ever seen in my whole life.

aiden t (nl) wrote: Woody Allen's first outright drama is quite impressive, even if it is a little depressing.

Steve M (kr) wrote: Tough-as-nails police detective Robert Malone (Williamson) must protect a beautiful fashion photographer from a gang of psychopaths after she takes a picture of their leader (Landgren) during one of their many murder sprees. But can even Malone succeed against a gang willing to kidnap a police chief's daughter to get get what they want? "Black Cobra" is, for most of its running-time, a perfectly average low-budget action film that ripped off... oh, sorry... [i]inspired[/i] by the early "Dirty Harry" pictures. In fact, the Dirty Harry connection is so strong that the movie looks and feels like it dates from the 1970s (despite the fact it was made in the late 1980s) and Williamson delivers a speech that's a near verbitum copy of the famous "do you feel lucky?" speech from "Dirty Harry". So, if you're not too picky, this film will entertain with its not-terribly-original plot, setting, and characters. (Although, I think Robert Malone is probably the only movie tough guy who is cowed by his pet cat, a touch that I found to be one of the nicest elements of the film and probably the only bit of originality in it.) On the other hand, the film really goes south in its last 15 or so minutes, so you're well-advised to stop the film after it copies the demise of Scorpio scene from "Dirty Harry", because you see a nonsensical return of a dead villian, one of the worst and completely illogical car chases ever put on film (how DID they get from an upscale restraunt into an abandoned string of warehouses?), and more proof than you'd ever want to see in a wide-release film that the filmmakers really had no idea how to bring things to a satisfactory close. With so-so acting (Williamson was better even in "Fist of Fear, Touch of Death" than he is here), a script with everything except a tiny kitty-cat begged, borrowed and stolen from other films, and a pathetically executed ending, "Black Cobra" isn't a movie to go out of your way for; it barely rises to the Five Rating I'm giving it. But it's got enough well-handled cliches to be fun, and it would definately be a fine addition to any Bad Movie Night line-up. Black Cobra Starring: Fred Williamson, Eva Grimaldi, Karl Landgren, Vassili Karis, and Maurice Poli Director: Stelvio Massi

David C (ag) wrote: One of my all time favorites! Still makes me laugh!

Igor S (de) wrote: indeed a great prequel, has blood, sadism and frantic chases in this excellent film!

(nl) wrote: Pathetic plot and themes. It is sick that taxpayers' money funded this film.

Roderick M (us) wrote: The 1048th movie I have ever watched and it was this.