Avtaar Krishen lives a poor lifestyle with his wife, Radha, and two sons, Ramesh and Chander. He works in a factory and toils hard so that his sons can get the necessary education, and live a better lifestyle. He gets injured and crippled while working, but is compensated adequately by his employer, Bawaji.

Avtaar Krishen lives a poor lifestyle with his wife, Radha, and two sons, Ramesh and Chander. He works in a factory and toils hard so that his sons can get the necessary education, and live... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony L (au) wrote: At CIFF, I was informed that Bernardo Bertolucci directed this film in a wheelchair. As if the direction job wasn't hard enough, he had to do it with limited mobility. After nine years of inactivity, Bertolucci comes back with an honest, gripping look into the complications of family, and really, the dangers of drug addiction. Although it's a rather short look (103 minutes), Bertolucci loads the runtime with plenty of scenarios, never losing the attention of the audience. Would I have wanted this film to be a bit longer ? I would've loved to see what happens after that semi-ambiguous ending. Made from a very small budget, Bertolucci keeps the film predominantly within one setting, a basement where a 14 year old boy, and his stepsister spend a week. Does it reach the grandiose level that Bertolucci reached with "The Last Emperor" or "Last Tango in Paris?" Not a chance, but the thing is, I wasn't expecting it to be nearly as big as those movies. It's a bittersweet drama about growing up, and change; the metamorphosis of teenagers into adults. It's not a perfect film, by far, that's for sure, but it dwells into the emotions of the characters enough to get the viewer attached, and hooked onto the story. I saw somewhere, where someone said the characters aren't engaging. I'd have to disagree with that statement, because I was involved with these characters. I felt the guilt, the pain, the anguish: everything. This film is a character piece, and without engaging characters, it would be a near disaster for Bertolucci. The acting is magnificent, from, really, only two actors/actresses. The plot is simplistic, but doesn't fail to keep you engaged.

Kyle L (gb) wrote: Grave Encounters is an extremely suspenceful and atmospheric Horror film that managed to deliver the things that every Horror fan needs. This movie is about a group of Paranormal Investigators who are doing a sixth episode on their reality show called "Grave Encounters" in an abandoned Psychiatric Hosital. As the team starts shooting for the show they soon learn that they are now the victims of the malevolent spirits that lurk deep within the walls and corridors of the hospital and the team must find a way out to escape the horrors that lurk in the abandoned hospital. I seriously love this movie and it really freaked me out. Never In my life I've ever been freaked out in watching a Horror movie and this in my opinion is one of the scariest Horror films I've seen in years since The Conjuring because this film seriously made my nerves go high and made me scream and jump at the same time. Seriously this movie is really terrifying and it managed to wet my pants out at the same time. One of the things that make Grave Encounters a superb movie is that the movie is not only terrifying but it is also super scary and creepy at the same time. The movie itself starts out slow on the first half but when you reach the second half the film goes into a suspenceful and atmospheric thrill ride and believe me that when you reach the second half the film itself is just as scary as The Conjuring and the suspense is totally going to make you jump and the film has loads of extremely suspenceful and super scary moments that every Horror fan will never forget (Scenes in the dark corridor, Lots of haunting and extremely frightening apparitions, The creepy crying girl ghost, The bloody bath tub scene, The scene with the girl getting her hair pulled and touched, The scene with the girl when she finds that someone wrote on her back and the scene with the ghost with no tongue) plus the ghosts are super scary and extremely creepy at the same time. The make up of the ghosts is extremely frightening and out of all the ghosts the ghost with no tongue is by far the scariest one in the film. On the other hand I also love how the movie managed to create a lot of proper scares instead of over used scares that we've seen before and The Vicious Brothers doesn't gives us any over used or bored scares that has been done before in other Horror films they just give you a few simple scares first like a window that opens on its own, a wheelchair that moves on its own, the door creaking and slamming and after hose simple scares The Vicious Brothers goes into bringing the real terror like all the Haunting Apparitions etc.... and I just think they are the only directors who can make a very good scary film since James Wan. One of the other highlights of the film is that the movie is full of extremely atmospheric sequences and you get to see loads of dark corridors, weird bathrooms and of course scary and eerie tunnels and the whole concept of the Hospital being an endless maze is extremely smart and meticulous at the same time. While the last thing I like about this film is that the film's psychiatric hospital setting is amazing and the building is not only huge but also extremely creepy at the same time and it really gives you the feel that the hospital where the movie was shot is actually haunted and I love the look and feel of the hospital itself it seriously gave me chills a lot. Now the acing is amazing even for an independent film and all of the casts deliver solid and amazing performances from start to finish and all of them did a very good job with their performances in the film a lot. The Vicious Brothers did an amazing job with their work on this movie and they managed to create a sjuspenceful and atmospheric Horror film that delivers lots of scares and nail biting tension and when they made their first Horror film they seriously made it work and I have no problems with this movie at all and the flaws are active within the movie but they are easily overlooked for me once you watch the film thanks to The Vicious Brothers tight and clever directing the movie seriously worked. Overall Grave Encounters is an extremely terrifying Horror film that delivers loads of scares and tension that will keep any Horror buff interested from start to finish this movie gets a 10/10.

Jim H (br) wrote: I thought it was a good movie. Full of twists.

Carlos Z (nl) wrote: Quite cute with some laughs.

Stormy W (fr) wrote: My husband and I both thought that this was a really good movie.

Jack H (ag) wrote: ive seen this movie about a millon times so nothing special. the race cards pulled were nice but not much else is noteworthy

Michael D (de) wrote: I liked it. The star was the M18 "Hellcat", the tank destroyer used by the Gi's. Nice to see a piece of history in action. No big name stars, but good performances. tension didn't build as it should have; story was kind of corny, but I felt good after seeing it. That's how I rate a movie.

Paul D (au) wrote: A fine portrait of one families proletariat life in early 20th century Sweden with the relatively new medium of photography providing light where there is darkness.

Andres V (fr) wrote: Interesante coom documento historico e informativo pero solo muestra la parte "positiva" de Evo sin cuestionar para nada su carrera. Imagino que ese era el compromiso para dejarse filmar por lo que el documental queda solo como algo intersante de las cosas que uno puede ver en NatGeo o en Discovery.

Cliff R (de) wrote: porn dvds to downlond

Jeremy R (ru) wrote: Ah, wasted potential. A film that will make a lot of aspiring filmmakers reconsider their choice of profession shines the most when it leaves the set and delves into the personal lives of the cast/crew. Unfortunately, Assayas himself either doesn't know what to do when the focus leaves the realm of film or just doesn't care and too many strands are left unexplored, resulting in an experience that is cool yet horribly anti-climactic. Like the film within the film, it just seems unfinished (or was that the point?). I found myself wishing it were longer - at 96 minutes it breezes by - if only because the most interesting plot points were just begging to be expanded. Still, what's there is interesting (to a point) and Maggie Cheung in a latex catsuit is ALWAYS a good thing.

Charlie C (fr) wrote: a truly fantastic miniseries that has withstood the test of time like no other. you really can't say enough about it. five stars.

Debaprabho B (mx) wrote: a story with a twist .. absolutely fav soundtrack!!

Angelika Z (us) wrote: this movie was really good and funny

Michael C (br) wrote: A pretty average thriller....working with the Chinese against a hacker was a cool premise and some solid action scenes, but not enough to make this movie interesting.

Robert C (fr) wrote: Refreshingly funny, in a stupid, yet satisfying way.

Robert H (jp) wrote: For lovers of cheesy schlock from the 80s, this little flick from Director Steven Kostanski shows just the kind of magic that can be created on a no budget picture thanks to some skill, knowledge, friends, and faithful.Now if only we could get that BioCop movie made... everything would be complete and world peace would be at hand... or we'd just have yet another awesome flick from Mr. Kostanski to add to our collections. Manborg is full of so many things I love, stop motion animation, cheesy one liners, a bat shit crazy story, references to old school movies from the days of VHS, and really bad humour.As low end as Manborg is with it's high end youtube level visuals from the top of the cheese scale (there is a scale right?) it is truly enjoyable. If it was taking itself seriously, the film would be right up there in the SOBIG masterpieces but since it is tongue in cheek homage to films that might be considered SOBIG, it actually manages to rank itself among the great scifi films such as Star Wars, Robocop, Terminator, Alien, Species, and Eliminators. So sit back and enjoy this scifi masterpiece but make sure to stay to the end of the credits to watch the even better... BIO-COP!

ariah w (it) wrote: I love monster high my hole life is monster high

Alan Z (br) wrote: Obviously dedicated to the traditions of the American Army, and beautifully shot in Technicolor. The second of the "Cavalry films" is too patriotic and American for my taste that makes me cherish only the fact that the Master Ford crafted it so effectively.