A petty thief is put on trial for the attempted murder of a lawyer. Through a series of flashbacks, the intertwining lives of the thief, the lawyer, and the thief's defense lawyer are illustrated.

Raju lives as a derelict as a result of being estranged from his bitter father, a district judge, who threw Raju's mother out of the house years ago. Raju shacks up with a Dacoit (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Awaara torrent reviews

Juli N (ru) wrote: Johnnie To out did himself with this masterful gun play ballet! The dark humor combined with heavy theme's of brotherhood and loyalty, the stylized, gangster on gangster violence equals pure movie magic!

Asif H (es) wrote: Interesting insight into Afghanistan but story could have been executed much better. Arshad Warsi is absolutely hilarious in it.

Trinity C (fr) wrote: Poor, poor vampire....

Collin c (ca) wrote: dumb piece of film is what defines this excuse of a film

Dathan R (ru) wrote: better than the first in some ways

Corey n (es) wrote: This is a childhood favorite of mine. The first of two made for television movies of the Ewoks from Return of the Jedi. The story is about a family that crash on Endor and have an adventure with the Ewoks. The story is simple and more for kids than adults. But makes for a good family movie. The F/X is quite good. Not Star Wars good but decent. I still enjoy watching this. You do not have to have seen Star Wars to relate or enjoy this film. Well worth a watch for a family or Star Wars fans.

jay n (fr) wrote: Notorious but very hokey drama. Gable exudes charisma and star quality but Powell is just too good to be true and Myrna Loy is surprisingly arch and affected. A bad performance from a usually stellar actress.

Rameshwar I (nl) wrote: It does live up to its billing of a tense high octane thriller at least initially but the lack of conviction to take sides even while dealing with a convinced protagonist hurts during many potentially flourishing moments. The movie slowly succumbs to a B-Movie feel in the second half though Cheadle gives a top performance. Samir (Don Cheadle) is affected by West's act of aggression when he was young. He builds his life systematically to avenge his loss. An FBI agent Roy (Guy Pearce) puts pieces together of certain international events and zeros in on Samir. How Samir evades him and tries to carry his mission with a moral dilemma holding him back comprises the rest. It boasts of an excellent screenplay initially carefully revealing pieces of a larger puzzle like any good thriller would. Unfortunately runs out of steam very soon making it a generic cat and mouse chase. Don Cheadle expectedly gives a humble yet powerful performance while Guy Pierce and his colleague resorts to a caricature of FBI agents what we have seen in many other flicks. Since a similar story is handled in so many ways in the recent times, it required something spectacular to standout but comes very short of what was required. Lacking these powerful moments makes the runtime longer than it already is. The moral dilemma and the perspective of West and East towards each other was portrayed promisingly at the start but gets repetitive and dragging at a certain point. It never had the potential to hit big, but couldn't restrain to a simple smart thriller either