While undergoing heart surgery, a man experiences a phenomenon called ‘anesthetic awareness’, which leaves him awake but paralyzed throughout the operation. As various obstacles present themselves, his wife must make life-altering decisions while wrestling with her own personal drama.

The film focuses on a man who suffers "anesthetic awareness" and finds himself awake and aware, but paralyzed, during heart surgery. Meanwhile, his wife (Jessica Alba) wrestles with demons of her own while her husband suffers through his ordeal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Awake torrent reviews

Noah W (ca) wrote: Great short! One of Pixars best shorts.9.5/10

Yash B (gb) wrote: Funny and good hearted. Nothing real special though.

Stuart J P (ag) wrote: Ignore the poster this title has on here. It has nothing to do with the movie and is misleading... The film itself centers on immigration issues in London. Focusing on two Polish brothers Jan and Adam... Adam (the younger brother) comes to London after his father dies, to find the big brother he worshiped as a kid is no longer the guy he knew... Jan is now a hard edged bastard, plying construction sites with cheap illegal labor, and the cops are already on his tail when his brother finds him... Cue some serious mishaps. (one worker plummeting to the ground from the scaffolding.) and a crisis of moral conscience for young Adam... The film is interesting and raises some questions on the nature of immigrants in London. but overall, it's just not exciting enough for a cinematic release... Probably best enjoyed at home on DVD. Which is a shame because I really wanted to like it... Considering I'm in it. (and quite a bit to, My name is even on the credits. Not that I bet anyone would spot me) But yeah, it's a good film, needs to be seen. But wait for the DVD I reckon. Probably plays better on the small screen.

Jamie C (de) wrote: A brilliant sci fi movie that has a great fresh story but isn't told all that well at times and it got very silly at times too and it did ruin the movie, It's brilliantly acted and yes the plot is very farfetched but it was good with allot of twists and turns along the way, The ending was how it should of ended just lack of knowledge of what was going on made the climax not as satisfying as it should of been.

Charles P (it) wrote: Letter from an Unknown Woman is a spectacular, searing, beautifully arranged study of fated romance.

Chris M (fr) wrote: Funny if you enjoy Larry David's shtick from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Here he plays a schmoe who misses out on investment jackpots by backing out of his stake in an electric car company (clearly the company is meant to be Tesla and the boss Elon Musk), and in embarrassment flies Silicon Valley for a quiet life on Martha's Vineyard. Predictably enjoyable hi jinks arise when the same boss 10 years later moves in.

Jeronimo B (it) wrote: Well let me start with a bang, this movie is one of the best directed movies back then in 2001. Mulholland Dr. starts Naomi Watts as a struggling actress and Laura Elena Harring as her lover, I am not going to get to spoiler territory. This movie is one of the most versatile movies of that year, the movie gives great performances from Naomi Watts and Laura Harring. The custom design is fabulous recreating Hollywood, the story is fantastic it has a excellent meaning and a good twist. I specially love this picture for its hard understanding meaning. In conclusion this movie is fantastic David Lynch directs the hell out of this movie and Im going to give it a.A+

Gary B (fr) wrote: Michael should of left things alone.

Hrant B (ru) wrote: The Water Diviner is Russell Crowe's directorial debut about an Australian father who travels to Turkey to find the remains of his three sons during the First World War. The story line was dry with a lot of Turkish dialogue. It seemed like a Mexican soap opera than a foreign film. Great performance from Crowe but overall it wasn't worth a lick. Plus the movie protested the Turks as the good goods when they are part of axes of evil and there was no mention of the Armenian Genocide WTF!

Takee A (br) wrote: I'm just amazed at how many messages this movie had to offer! I'm impressed with the awesome animations & graphics. The animation work is dazzling; it's lovingly detailed without being overdone (particularly the opening sequence, which is hand-drawn and looks like prints struck from ancient woodblocks).John Powell composed the music excellently, and the voice actors were amazing!