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Ayakta kal

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Ted W (it) wrote: Not as good as the movie but still good.

Patti B (ru) wrote: There isn't a trailer on Netflix for this movie. WTF (What The Front yard)?!?

Jill W (nl) wrote: A feel-good family film about a man from Wales who sets out to peruse his dream of singing.

David S (it) wrote: The immersion in an immigrant's experience is the big selling point of this sweet, simple tale.

Noah A (ca) wrote: steady amount of unconfrtable laughs & brilliant situations & detailais make this movie a joy to watch.

Aditya M (de) wrote: Really an enjoyable movie. It seems, he is appreciated by everyone in Japan, because he looked like the Emperor Hirohito, with his Japanese wife, perhaps. Even the Japanese Yakuza boss saw some resemblance, however faint, later.

Noah S (ru) wrote: ignore the haters. this movie is a true adaptation of the mario brothers story! mario mario and luigi mario arrive in the mushroom kingdom by warp pipe, only to discover (as described in the NES mario bros manual!) that it has been transformed by the evil king donald tr--- koopa. the audience follows their exploits in a dinopunk dystopia, with exciting action, strange adventure, goofy laughs, abundant snot, and a good measure of actual plumbing. fun for everyone who loves a fresh take on a story you thought you knew.

Grant H (ag) wrote: Great movie. Supercop is an action-packed, funny adventure that proved Jackie Chan's skills early on in his career. It cleverly blends slapstick and martial arts, a story not completely original, great visual and technical effects, and great performances from Chan and Yeoh.

Sabine K (jp) wrote: Kinky and sexy in the first half, bizarre and dreamy in the second. Still love it.

Nicholas W (kr) wrote: one of my favorite movie

Dustin D (fr) wrote: Han Solo and Darth Vader team up in an exciting and captivating political thriller.

Judy W (au) wrote: It was good for its time little weird but could use a update