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Ayudham torrent reviews

Dorianator F (jp) wrote: What a beautiful and inspiring movie. What a wonderful guy with a wonderful dream.

Maximiliano G (mx) wrote: A cliched approach to an interesting subject brings down the excellent performance by Andy Serkis. The movie feels like the trailer for a better film that never happens.

Ryan A (gb) wrote: A really great action movie. Patrick Swayze is outstanding performances of a lifetime. If you are fans of action movies this is a good movie to watch.

Jason C (ag) wrote: Poor Kersey once again finds himself shit outta luck when his pretty bride to be gets FUBAR(since the bitch has her home decorated with portraits of herself you find yourself not minding this), and as if that didn't set him off and revert to his old tricks then his pretty bride to be going through all that and getting home only to come down with a slight case of deceased certainly does. Kersey has made more hospital visits in more cities than anyone known to man. This is better than the fourth, but meh, I like my over the top hoodlums so it doesn't compare to the first three. Tis almost A Team like how many bullets Kersey has had fired at him in this series only to miss their target. Not Kersey tho, oh no. He just squints his eye and one shot per person is enough for a fatal hit.

Adam R (ru) wrote: A classic comedy! Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon have such great chemistry on-screen, and make this a film worth watching. (First and only viewing - 5/9/2010)

Grisel B (es) wrote: "it does not get old..love it!"

Anna B (ca) wrote: Wonderfully blasphemous, but not his best work. More of a dirty B-movie than an Almodovar classic.

Daniel P (jp) wrote: Forget the plot just sit back and enjoy ~ Dodge Charger Action!

Manoj B (de) wrote: One of the best movies ever made!

Karina H (de) wrote: not scary at all, and got poor acting and the little creatures were silly

Rockstar 2 (de) wrote: October Sky is a movie in which a small teenager, son of the mine superintendent, works with a group of friends and an amazing teacher to create a homemade rocket in hopes of winning the National Science Fair and escaping a life of mining.

Alasdair B (gb) wrote: Going into this I thought it would be awful. It actually wasn't that bad! I found myself laughing quite allot in this movie. Stainer was probably my favorite character. While this movie is crappy at times, and also very cheesy, it is a decent comedy and I did enjoy it more than I thought I would.

Cherif N (es) wrote: Not the usual superman movie, but I liked the end of it.

Lori B (es) wrote: Russell Crowe has a good eye for a shot, and he is a great actor with a strong performance in this film. But Crowe never finds a flow as a director, and the movie overall never really finds his center.