Azafatas con permiso

Azafatas con permiso

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nateisha s (nl) wrote: I hated to like it, but its weird combination of passion, lust, evil and sick love kept me intrigued. If you're looking for a hero or heroine, happy ending, or tearjerker, you won't find it here. Its a sick/twisted love story, and its awes keeps you glued to the screen.

Jason E (gb) wrote: Was on duty when this was on so spent the first 30 minutes dealing with latecomers and then missed the ending due to a shift change. I found it difficult to connect with this film.

Elin S (kr) wrote: Den nst smsta filmen jag ngonsin sett. Orkade inte titta koncentrerat hela filmen fr den var s dlig.

frisco o (us) wrote: neil young special brand of folky rock'n'!!!

Bill B (gb) wrote: I had no idea Bob Balaban was behind this bizarro film, but he really gives us a crazy comedy set in the '50s where conformity is everything and behind those white picket fences you just never know what you might find. A kid begins to suspect that his parents aren't serving up the meat that you'd expect to find in the neighborhood grocery store, and who knows how far they'll go to hide their secrets?Fun stuff, definitely worth a rental.

Bharat T (jp) wrote: no matter how old are you.its a classic and a must watch

Kasey N (jp) wrote: This movie is worth watching just to watch Chuck Norris and Louis Gosset argue with eachother. Of course it was a little predictable: Chuck Norris vs. a red cyclops. We all know who's gonna win that one.

Charlie G (es) wrote: There's a curse on the women that their men will die.One sister's boy friend dies and they bring him back, that's when all the problems start.