A 12-yr-old boy picks up a country made gun & shoots a man in cold blood! His eyes show no emotion. His heart exhibits no remorse. After shooting the person in broad day light, this boy walked the streets of Aman Ganj, with a gun in one hand. Everyone present in the market watched this young lad walk with no fear. The fear in fact had translated, from him into everyone's heart. He made his Mark!!!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Hindi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Baabarr 2009 full movies, Baabarr torrents movie

A young lad from a crime-laden family grows up to be a much-feared gangster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohammed A (ag) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Sarah C (it) wrote: loved this..lots of seattle bands in this....well-made documentary, a must see!

Tony M (mx) wrote: psshhhh, you kidding me??? 14% rotten? getout

James P (nl) wrote: A trilogy of wonderful and vastly different tales targeted to a mature anime audience who prefer their films to be a little more cerebral. A masterpiece.

Evan C (br) wrote: Having read Eiji Yoshikawa's book, seeing this is both great fun and a great disappointment. In some areas the director's interpretation of the novel (perhaps better than my own, considering I read a translation) was enlightening. I loved the actor who played Takuan, though as subdued and calm as Mifune is in this film it wasn't enough for me. Sure, Musashi should be brash and young here, but he was always the strong silent type and, in my opinion, this isn't one of Mifune's best performances. I can see why American audiences latched onto this (though how they didn't get lost I'll never know), but altogether the film didn't leave me too optimistic about the other films. Past that, the Criterion packaging is also lacking, bland and disappointing compared to some of their more recent releases. Hopefully they'll re-do this one at a later date.

Andrew M (ag) wrote: Is there anything more pleasant than a film that just makes you feel all warm inside? About Time, the latest from romantic comedy writer/director Richard Curtis, is one of those films. It's a delightful little experience that just oozes sentimentality and warmth, even when it delves into more serious subjects. The heart and soul of this film ultimately stems from the lead performance, that of Domhnall Gleeson. Gleeson nails every facet of this character that the story requires: his naive charm is irresistable, his aimlessness is relatable, and his comedic timing is on point. The comparisons between Gleeson and Hugh Grant are completely on-point. Alongside him, Rachel McAdams' own natural sense of charm is a perfect match for Gleeson, and the two work impeccably work together. Also worth mentioning is Bill Nighy, who is utterly perfect as the father figure to Gleeson's Tim. The sort of sci-fi aspect it brings to the table, the Tim's ability to travel back in time as he chooses, is more of an extension of the themes on hand than a gimmick, which is a refreshing change of pace that never detracts from the main romance. If there's anything to nitpick, its the blatant breaking of the time travel rules (established very early on in the film) in the break-into-three portion of the film, but its a plot hole that's so easily forgiven because of the pure joy this film is sure to instill.

Liam M (kr) wrote: Final destination is flawed but seen under the right "condition" it can be fun. That said, its awefully dated considering its fantasic sequel has much more creative deaths.

Sue W (fr) wrote: IroncladI enjoyed this film a lot, I really hadn't thought much about the magna karter, but it's an interesting take on a part of history, I know not much about. James Purefoy an Kate Mara are great as the central relationship, and although it might be more fiction than historic, I really liked the whole magnificent seven group chemistry. Aneurin Barnard is great in it, he's a real rising star an makes Wales proud! It ws quite violent of course being a war film, but its alot more gorey than most, it really hits yiu in the guts. Fab film.

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