K. Jhunjhunwala would like to locate his missing/runaway daughter, Seema Malhotra, so that he can get her married to Nitin Dharampal; Prominent businessman, Mahindra, would like to negotiate with his daughter, Sonu's kidnappers, and secure her release. And the Central Bureau of Investigation would like to protect the life of Chief Minister Gayetri Bachchan under the mission code-named "Maa", and the CBI Officer in Charge to be code-named "Baadshah". Now Baadshah happens to be a bumbling and out of work Private Investigator, who has agreed to assist Jhunjhunwala and Mahindra, and while doing so is mistaken for the CBI Agent, ends up working for the assassins, and must assassinate Gayetri or end up losing his team of four fellow-bumblers, and Mahindra's daughter. What results is hilarious chaos, with no one knowing what the other is doing, and each one being each other's suspect(s). To make matters worse Jhunjhunwala is not really Seema's dad, but someone else with an ulterior motive.

K. Jhunjhunwala would like to locate his missing/runaway daughter, Seema Malhotra, so that he can get her married to Nitin Dharampal; Prominent businessman, Mahindra, would like to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Umair K (ru) wrote: Lame! the boy was extra ordinarily cute and the girl was extra ordinarily bossy ...

Lee M (ru) wrote: Mob Rules is an uneven though stylish experience. The pacing is just about right, and the film's structure is good. The problems stem from a lack of originality, far too many paper-thin characters, and some ropey dialogue.

David G (us) wrote: Watch your asses bad guys for Dolph Lundgren is - *dramatic pause* - The Mechanik! Yes, with a "k", because... uh... he's Russian? Because it looks cool? Who really knows. I prefer the Japanese title anyway - "Red Revenger"! Anyway the plot is your typical kidnap fare with rich bitch Julia being abducted and turned out by cackling, drug-dealing Russian pimp Sasha. Julia's mother hires Spetsnaz-turned-mechanic/k Nikolai (The Dolph) to find her and bring her back. Of course Dolph isn't really interested in the money because seven years ago Sasha murdered his wife and son. Dolph thought he'd had his revenge when he'd shortly thereafter shot Sasha in the face, but *gasp* he survived. Now the phrase "hopelessly generic drivel" would seem to be somewhat appropriate here and, well yes, it is to a degree, but it's executed in an effective enough way that you'll want to see it through to the end and it's genuinely satisfying as hell come the end when The Dolph finally gets his second chance for revenge. There are a couple of really good shootouts - well staged and dramatic - and other nice touches such as when Dolph helps a young boy fix his bicycle - a subtle moment that resists the temptation to treat you like an idiot and spell it out to you - "DOLPH IS REMEMBERING HIS FAMILY!" One thing's for sure, the film may not be original but it's certainly superior to some of the dross Steven Seagal has made in the past decade. Oh boy is it ever! As for the performances, Dolph is... well, Dolph, but don't fret because his (lovable) woodenness is balanced out by Ben Cross who injects some real quality into proceedings. OK so his alcoholic fixer isn't given nearly as much backstory as I'd have liked but he's still the most interesting character in the film. The rest of the cast is hit and miss.

Jonathan A (br) wrote: Jeepers Creepers is a surprisingly good horror film with a fantastic first half and an okay last half. The performances by all the actors are effective, the creature effects for The Creeper are effectively disturbing and the ending is simply haunting.

Claire T (au) wrote: it was ok but I don't think I'll watch this film again, I expected better, it was an ok movie but I don't want to see it again it starred Terence Stamp, I don't want this movie on DVD

Tom H (jp) wrote: Well done fun and whimsical animation/reality version, a different type of movie than the ordinary...

Jessie D (de) wrote: generic. Not a bad one - but not especially good either.

John M (au) wrote: An excellent 1970's classic that is a very good comedy. But, most importantly, it's a great picture of the time in which it's set.The cinematography, production design and art direction are top notch. It's like seeing through a time machine to the past. That is what I like about it most.Besides that, the combination of father/daughter Ryan O'Neal/Tatum O'Neal works beautifully. Alvin Sargent's screenplay is great, as is Peter Bogdonovich's direction. This is probably Bogdonovich's best film.Definitely should be seen once by anyone who loves good comedy and excellent cinema!

David C (mx) wrote: Robert Redford and Brad Pitt, the golden boys of their respective generations, team up to do a Forrest Gump of the spy genre, producing a grown-up post-Cold war thriller that is blessedly free of fidgety camera work.

Dan M (kr) wrote: Possible Robin Williams best film! Beautiful and heartbreaking.