The Crown Prince of Malabar dallies with Rosita whilst his people suffer at the hands of cruel Portuguese colonists. Whilst voyaging on a Portuguese ship, the Prince is captured by patriots who are rebelling against the foreign invaders. They are led by a girl called Nisha known as "The Falcon" ("Baaz"). The Prince conceals his identity from Nisha and a romance blossoms between them. Together, they rouse the people, rout the Portuguese and free the Kingdom - but can a commoner marry a Prince ?

Nisha lives a poor lifestyle in the Portuguese-ruled Malabar region in India along with her widowed dad, Narayan Das. Both father and daughter are opposed to the oppressive rule of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Baaz torrent reviews

Sotiris K (es) wrote: Am I the only one who thinks that lots of stuff in Finding Nemo's sequel doesn't make sense? Also, it lacks originality as expected.

Gaspar O (us) wrote: Slightly creepy, fair at best. I don't care how many little kids there are with rocks and sticks and even a few knives, if they attack me and are trying to kill me, I won't be running away like a big douche. This film frustrated the hell out of me. Oh no, big moral dilemma, do I fight back against the kids that killed an entire town and are hell bent on devouring me? It would take 20 eight year olds to bring me down, and that's if I wasn't fighting back. No, no, I think I'll run away like a little bitch and hide instead! Sigh. And now your baby just ate your wife from the inside. Hahaha. It wasn't all bad though, a wee bit of gore and cannibalism and maybe a few seconds of mild suspense here and there make it slightly better than utterly pointless.

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Michael H (ag) wrote: There are times and places where immigrants are welcomed. Even, then immigration is difficult. "Almnaya" explores, with tenderness, compassion, and a great deal of humor the experiences of one immigrant family who, even after nearly half a century, are still working out their places in the world. The youngsters' perceptions of people in their new home and the religion practiced there are priceless.

Chris R (au) wrote: Fascinating look into the classroom in the methodical French style.

Jeremy B (br) wrote: Wanted to stop watching after 5 min. Kept watching, but absolutely had to stop watching after 17 min. Horrible.

Kevin S (de) wrote: typical canadians haha

Cheryl C (gb) wrote: Decent acting from the leads, esp Cynthia Nixon, the original reason I heard of this movie in the first place. Props for not making the kid cured at the last minute. However, the heavy unspecified afterlife talk was rather annoying and made this not the fun romp that the attitude tried to keep up.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Underrated Bruce Willis action flick from the writer/director of the "Road House," which is frequently mocked but is actually a solid popcorn film. This film isn't exactly "The French Connection" but it is an entertaining police story about Bruce as a Pittsburg river cop who's now persona non grata on the rest of the police force after testifying against his partner who then committed suicide. The main mystery of the film revolves around a series killer who Bruce was investigating before be moved to be a river cop reemerges and targets Bruce and his new partner, Sarah Jessica Parker. Although the story isn't anything special, there are some solidly directed action sequences and and cast to die for, which besides Bruce and Parker (who I liked quite a bit and thought maybe I should finally give "Sex and the City" a try) the film also features Dennis Farina, Tom Sizemore, Robert Pastorelli, Timothy Busfield, John Mahoney, Andre Braugher and a couple of my favorite character actors Brion James and Tom Atkins. And I can't be certain about this, but I think this may have been one of the last of Bruce's films to feature his real hair.

Aj V (kr) wrote: The synopsis on here says "predictable comic mishaps" predictable is right. These stars deserve more than another predictable comedy with a little romance. Yes, they do add sports to the mix, but that doesn't make it any more interesting.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Amazing in many ways, Dull in some, The effects were great but there was allot of green screen used and some bits just came across silly like the scene when the dinosaurs were chasing them looked too fake to really feel the danger, The acting was good, The action and there was allot more than I expected thanks to the adding of dinosaurs and big creatures that were impressive, my only faults were it was overlong which wasn't a total bad thing but the first hour I forgot that I was watching King Kong and thought I was watching a film about a failed actress in New York but apart from that it's one of the best remakes you will ever see.

Elyse J (ca) wrote: I can understand the other reviews but what were you expecting? It's light and cool and has a good soundtrack. That's all I was expecting and was delivered! Elizabeth and Dakota are adorable.