Wealthy widower Madan Chopra has two young and marriageable aged daughters, Priya and Seema. Madan would like Priya to marry Vicky Malhotra, his business associate, to which she reluctantly agrees. Seema attends college and is seduced by Ajay Sharma and aspires to marry him secretly. But when they go to register the marriage Ajay mysteriously kills Seema by throwing her off a multi-storied building. A grief-stricken Priya is unable to forget this incident and what she does not know is that Vicky is not what he claims to be.

Widowed Madan Chopra lives a very wealthy lifestyle with two daughters, Seema and Priya. His passion is racing, and realizing that he is not young anymore, has his last race and wins - only... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Baazigar torrent reviews

Sean I (br) wrote: Not sure why everyone trashed this movie, I thought it was hysterical. I laughed the entire movie.

David H (br) wrote: watched it and I loved it is worth watching

Katha R (br) wrote: The book "Incendiary" is one of my all time favourite books, it has a very special place in my heart and mind, and I think that Chris Cleave at this moment in time (2011) is still a very much underrated writer, but that his time is yet to come. Needless to say I was excited to get hold of the DVD and we finally watched it this week-end. Well, it was disappointing despite the brilliant casting choices. Having said that, Michelle Williams could have gone a bit more cockney with her dialect coach, and Ewan McGregor didn't quite sound enough like the toff-tosser that he is. Besides, the story lines were altered in more ways than one, and not for the better. Without having read the book, this would be a decent movie, but the book is infinitely superior and engaging, I would recommend reading that and skipping the film altogether.

Wendy C (kr) wrote: I can appreciate the attemp to dissect the various relationships among relative strangers, but it's long and slow and has some odd camera work to boot.

Ricardo H (es) wrote: CRAZY, AND NOT THE GOOD KIND OF CRAZYAlthough I normally like Spanish movies, this was an exception. I actually didn't bother watching until the end, so if I missed some redeeming amazing acting or plot twist, then it's my fault. From what I saw, this was more like a stage play with musical numbers thrown in between.I don't recommend it, you can find something better

Emma J (ru) wrote: Vin Diesel is not a good comedian, this is very flat and everyone else is playing the straight man. Comedy? I think not.

Sarika M (br) wrote: A little testosterone driven, but good action movie fun. 4 guys go to Mumbai with dreams of making it big and end up kidnapping a mob boss to help pay their debts. Madness ensues.

Cai Z (de) wrote: Gives you a very inspiring uses for goose egg and a red bit of card broad...

Pj M (br) wrote: One of my favorite films of all time.

Inta K (es) wrote: good thriller movie! nice story!