Bab el shams

Bab el shams

In the beginning was Palestine, and the story of Younes (Orwa Nyrabia) began, known as Abou Salem, known as the Man...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Arabic,English,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

In the beginning was Palestine, and the story of Younes (Orwa Nyrabia) began, known as Abou Salem, known as the Man... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy P (us) wrote: yet another found footage film, yet another piece of shit!

Shark M (au) wrote: Awesome documentary for any boxing or sports fan.

Brandon P (au) wrote: not as good as one or two but ok

Curtis L (br) wrote: OH man. The plot holes from the other two movies grew exponentially in this piece of crap. A chick wishes for her files to light on fire, and instead she does (and not any files). Another guy wishes to have 2 girls fall in love with him, and they come and rip him to pieces (wtf?). Pretty much the wishmaster no longer grants wishes in a "be careful what you wish for" tone, now it's a "i'm going to kill you. It might have something to do with your wish" tone. LAME. I fast forwarded most of this garbage.

Raji K (gb) wrote: Matthew Perry and Chris Farley star in Almost Heroes. Perry and Farley are Leslie Edwards and Bartholomew Hunt respectively, and the two are trying to beat out Lewis and Clark in an expedition to the Pacific. Along with them is a crew of misfits, a treacherous Frenchman (Eugeny Levy) and a beautiful native American. They hardly seem fit to make it even out of the state never mind to the Pacific Ocean. As they begin their journey they come across everything from Native Americans, conquistadors, and even wild bears. With Hunt leading them as a tracker though, they seem to be able to bare and grin through it all. Hunt tries the best to maintain the morale of his men, and their respect as they continue on this arduous journey. Each turn of the journey seems to up the ante as far as the things that happen to the crew. Almost Heroes is by no means a film trying to win any Oscars. The movie is a dumb comedy that is filled with cheap laughs. Basically, it is one of my favorite types of comedies. The movie goes down easy and scenes like when Farley needs the egg from the eagle's nest has me laughing every time. Perry basically plays his role of Chandler from friends, as a sarcastic and witty character. Farley is what really keeps the film going and his physical comedy and persona carry the picture. The film won't be liked by anyone really outside of fans of Farley and perhaps Perry, but for the rest of us, this is a good and original comedy. -12.29.2016

Graydon B (ca) wrote: absolute shit, not very funny, boring, dull, and no emotion whatsoever. It's just plain forgettable. However watch the Nostalgia Critic episode, its fucking funny!!

Erin H (mx) wrote: as disgusting and perverse as this movie was, I really loved it. it was so different and wow that just like... yeah haha

juan R (de) wrote: why did it take me so long to see this

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Ahmed J (ca) wrote: Better late than never to watch a masterpiece :)

Augustine H (kr) wrote: Silkwood reminds me of Norma Rae and Erin Brockovich. If there has been more depiction on Karen's battle instead of the boring and repetitive love story, the movie would have been greater. Meryl Streep is gifted in portraying those women of substance, Karen Silkwood is no exception. The ending is extremely sad and shocking to me, though it is based on a true story.

jay n (br) wrote: Okay caper suffers from miscasting of Matthau in the lead, his action are just too slow for him to be convincing as a man of stealth. Glenda is wasted in a nothing part.

Andrew U (fr) wrote: Occasionally succeeds in its paranoid atmosphere, but the fact is The Invasion is a dull and unnecessary remake barely kept afloat by its compelling leads.

Eric R (nl) wrote: Pale Flower opens with voice over of the mobster Murakami, who has just been released from jail after murdering a rival clan member. He has disdain for the big city and how no one is all that important in such a massive metropolis. Murakami learns that during his time in jail, the rival gang has formed a truce with his gang. While at an underground gambling game, Saeko, he meets a mysterious woman who he is instantly drawn too. She is a thrill seeker and they begin a relationship which becomes destructive to both of them. This is a jazzy japanese noir, that features some stylistic black and white cinematography. The film is very expressionistic in its visual design with some striking imagery which really puts you into the characters pov. Thematically the film diagnosis the relationship which exists between thrills, danger and love. Saeko needs to constantly have a rush in her life, whether its dope, high stakes gambling or street racing, to feel something that she cannot find otherwise in her life. Its an interesting film that's very artfully done, but Murakami is too passive a character for me and I found myself missing similar characters from other Yakuza flicks.

Steph K (br) wrote: It's the weirdest/randomest thing EVER.

Sums I (au) wrote: Ninja stereotypes and an American soldier whose magical youthful training somehow makes him superhuman. No matter how rigorous the training is from the "master Ninja" - they just can't compete with our magical American ninja.This movie is laughably dated too. The insider arms deal, the ninjas throwing smoke balls to make themselves disappear, the "I've seen this a million times" action-movie plot. There's little in the way of good martial arts either... and stupid sprinkled throughout. I mean, why would the master ninja kill one of his dedicated, skilled trainees to prove his "badness". Just dumb.

Eduardo C (mx) wrote: Corman's take on Prometheus/Frankenstein is little more than a poorly written genre cheapie which never once deals with any of the surprisingly interesting subjects it accidentally manages to raise.For reasons beyond me this is highly regarded in some circles. It is far, far from Corman's best (though equally far from his worst) and it would have been very interesting to see what a real writer from the period (Rod Serling, perhaps? Definitely Ray Bradbury) would have done with the premise.

Victor C (es) wrote: lame..the first was way way better