Mia Moolman works for a Sandton-based event coordination company that has been commissioned by the department of Trade and Industry to create an event celebrating the most successful ad campaigns in South African history. The gala event will happen at Emperors Palace, and the CEO of the company, Theodore, has asked his employees to pitch ideas for the show and whoever comes up with the best idea will be awarded a promotion and a special bonus. Mia comes up with the idea to make the three guys from the old Castrol commercials, Boet, Swaer and Mogae, part of the show. Her boss eventually agrees to this, but Mia must go and find them in the Kalahari and bring them to Emperors Palace in time for the big gala event. Will she get them to the big show in time?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Afrikaans,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

An events co-ordination company executive goes in search of the nostalgic Boet and Swaer from the old Castrol ads to lure them to a big gala event at Emperor's Palace. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ross H (mx) wrote: Crazy revenge flick. Dark. Just watch it.

Mason A (gb) wrote: Feeble attempt to make the lgbt community the dominant sexual preference. Failed again Hollywood!

Alex r (de) wrote: Without a doubt the hardest documentary that I have ever watched, 102 Minutes That Changed America is a point of view real time film on the events that occurred on September 11th 2001. The documentary uses no narration whatsoever instead it relies on amateur footage from that day to recount the events. The way that the documentary is done is remarkable and it's a film that chronicles an important part in history. I remember vividly when it happened, I was sixteen years old at the time, and I saw this live, and it's something that you cannot forget, it stayed sheered into my memory like so many others. This documentary shows us the perspective from various sources and what is presented here is a raw attempt at capturing the events, and what is here is something quite surreal. This is a very hard documentary to review because I really don't know how to phrase what I see here. Revisiting the events of that day is always hard, and with 102 Minutes That Changed America we have a document that tells this important event. As a documentary, this is one of the finest genre films that I have seen, and being comprised of rare, never seen footage, it's an unforgettable film that shows the attacks, the horror, panic, anger and shock of the New Yorkers. I watched it all on TV live, and to this day, it still feels fresh in my mind. The only word that can come to mind in describing the film is chaos. What is filmed here is terrifying, and with the fact that it only relies on footage from people who happened to be there and with no narration, the film is engaging, captivating and you simply cannot tear yourself away from what you're watching because what you are seeing here is something that shaped what was to follow in the years to come. After the events of this day, the world would never be the same, and the film is superbly made, and is a flawless documentary that is terrifying, poignant and unforgettable.

Michial D (es) wrote: True all or nothing bad man lifestyle perfectly captured. Must see all

Sgt C (ca) wrote: (59%) A real piece of all over the place Hollywood that shuffles itself around like a deck of cards every other scene. The main focus is not on DeNiro, or even Edward Burns, but on two eastern European maniacs who feature heavily throughout. What makes this so uneven is the tone. It starts as a crime thriller, then there's some breaking news exploitation satire with Kelsey Grammer, then DeNiro comes in turning it more into a cop action movie, then there's a series of quite sweet romantic scenes that come in between footage the two bad guys filming themselves murdering someone making everything feel more than a little slapdash. Yet it sort of works mainly because everything happens so fast, and there's so much of it to get through. The fact that the cast is more than capable doesn't hurt much either, and it is quite well made too. It's just action cop movie thrillers, romance, a playful sense of humour, and snuff movies all mixed together doesn't create a great recipe for success.

xxBabyxx m (nl) wrote: good fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: A brilliant thriller from the 1980s starring William Hurt. What marks this film out as being a little different from the usual is that it is set in Moscow and Hurt plays a Russian police inspector. Lee Marvin takes on the role of a cool American businessman and there are a plethora of other fine and sadly now deceased actors in supporting roles. The script is by the masterful Dennis Potter and is clever, dark and witty in places. The plot involves the grisly discovery of three badly mutilated bodies in Moscow's Gorky Park and Hurt sets out to investigate. What he uncovers is a gripping tale of the fur trade and corruption within the Soviet establishment. The fact that the story takes place in the pre-Glasnost era makes the whole movie interesting from an historical point and Moscow is shown as a down-at-heel, slightly grubby place. All this makes for an intriguing and interesting film which has an appeal beyond the normal thriller. I'm an admirer of Hurt and in the role of Inspector Renco, he seems perfectly cast and very believable. I'm also impressed with Joanna Pacula as the mysterious Irina who is a pivotal character in the plot. This classic film of the 1980s is a great example of film making from that decade and is still gripping and suspenseful without being sensationalist. Highly recommended.

Kayla K (mx) wrote: 1/2/2009 movie 10 of a 24 hour movie marathon i really liked dinosaurs, but the catty girls and playboy Yor... not so much...i think i need to watch it again when im not so tired

Hal M (au) wrote: Good cinematography and an intrinsically interesting storyline isn't enough. The acting here is second-rate, and the music remarkably cheesy. The preposterous ending chase scene (as our "hero" races a car wrong-way through the Philadelphia New Year's Mummer's Day Parade) is so unmotivated, so asinine it undermines any sympathy whatever for the entire film. This is basically, a made-for-TV quality suspense drama, more Alan Pakula than Antonioni or Hitchcock.

Ian C (fr) wrote: Enjoyed, but our daughter loves Chucky films and she said it seems more blood thirsty than earlier films and is looking forward to the next film.

Dyron W (br) wrote: Mel Gibson is charming, but not enough to carry this by the numbers Rom-com.

WakeWRC89 (ru) wrote: Another brilliant performance by Connery still on top of his game as Bond. Brilliant soundtrack and future hit Millennium that followed years later

Joo C (fr) wrote: Pasolini centered into the medieval lust and obscure desire. Poetic, raw, funny