Babas bilar

Babas bilar

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Sharon L (de) wrote: Brilliant Performance by Nasseruddin Shah!

Chris M (us) wrote: HEROES! Pioneers of a NEW Frontier!

Adanna K (us) wrote: Touching, witty, down-to-earth. By far, one of the best films I have seen in quite some time.

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: Saw this on 27/10/14I prefer to watch porn movies instead of pornography because watching the hardcore stuff seems boring because of the lack of emotional content. The sex scenes of the movie are erotic and it's nothing like the critics claim it to be. It's story, of course, there's none, every 10 minutes, they show a song performed by some band and after that it's just plain sex, also once in every 15 minutes, a footage of Antarctica will be shown. Porn is made as an excuse of a movie and if u wish to simply watch porn, then you can watch this.

Francisco S (mx) wrote: Despite the fact of the ballet scenes fall short becoming more a movie about tap dance, it is an interesting and well-acted movie that will entertain you with its emotional plot.

John B (kr) wrote: Sadly I was quite happy when the Gisela Elsner commits suicide (sorry for the spoiler). It meant that the end of the film was near.

Leandro G (us) wrote: Best movie i've seen so far

Nik M (jp) wrote: The conflicting struggle between materialism and immaterialism, best represented through its romances and gender roles, is all so clear and brutally honest in this fantastic Japanese film. The smart uses of its editing style and camera motion to drive a mystery and fuel an atmosphere gives audiences a strong sense of experience when witnessing and taking part in this dramatic and emotional story.