Baby Blood

Baby Blood

A parasite crawls into the uterus of an abused woman (Yanka) and begins to demands human blood.

When a strange creature crawls into a woman's uterus she becomes a killer in order to feed the tiny terror growing within her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Baby Blood torrent reviews

Mitchell B (jp) wrote: Awful movie the father and son duo just can't seem to act no matter what movie they are in. Awful writing as well

Wondra V (br) wrote: Strangely enough, I didn't feel the need to finish this movie...

Monurul A (nl) wrote: If u didnt see the first series, than u want understand any thing.....Good good good

Sancar S (nl) wrote: Another weak film about Rwanda. 3 stars are just for John Hurt. He is excellent player.

Pete H (jp) wrote: Disturbing expose of profit driven extremes of US health industry. Thank God for the NHS.

Chris M (es) wrote: This is a movie, right? Well what can I say? Unfunny jokes, an idiotic script, and characters nobody gives any crap about. The sad thing is that the idea of a cartoonist being trapped in a surreal world similar to Beetlejuice while in a coma sounds interesting, but how this ended up being a mess I would never know.

Kristian M (it) wrote: Pure cheese, Clint Howard chews up the scenery for all it's worth. Goofy but I love it.

PJ L (fr) wrote: corny humor... and a lesson that life is what we believe...

Michael K (mx) wrote: The other great Hunter S. Thompson film, with Bill Murray as the drug-fuelled philosopher & writer.

Luis C (ag) wrote: Ingmar Bergman mostra com esse filme como a guerra modifica as relaes humanas.

Tony M (it) wrote: Although not bad for being one of the 1st #zombie films, #whitezombie just isn't #horrific enough 3/5 #kinoclassics #bluray #belalugosi

Kyle M (nl) wrote: It has a nice format packed with nice musical numbers performed with good energy from the duo to make the "Holiday Inn" a golly good time, even though there were little signs of being somewhat pathetic during the center of the format's book ends as well not putting in enough musical blissful grand when there's already an acceptable amount. (A-)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

Rob W (gb) wrote: A fantastic film. A must see.

Trey W (br) wrote: Robots has its moments but it lacks energy and heart

N I (es) wrote: It's a kid's movie. I saw this movie as a kid and enjoyed it. However, I saw the made for tv remake first. That one was made for my generation and I enjoyed it. I remember not liking certain things in the oldie movie because it wasn't that way in my Witch Mountain. However, as the original this one is probably better of the two from an unbiased perspective.