Baby Love

Baby Love


Those Lemon Popsicle boys are at it again!..Naughtier than ever in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jorge G (fr) wrote: El mal tiene ojos 2 - El gnero slasher sigo vivo.

Jed D (it) wrote: Ferocious Planet, is quite the entertaining Syfy film, but delivers a mild dose of action and a relatively entertaining premise.

Lucas Z (us) wrote: Kinda funny? The film just seems so much older than its release date. The humor reminds of 3 Ninjas, haha!

Mark S (jp) wrote: Great movie for kids.

Brian H (kr) wrote: Well made, well directed, brilliant performance, and an exciting story; Patton is one of the best.

Nick C (fr) wrote: This review is for the Fellini segment "Toby Dammit" which is one of his darkest, creepiest and shortest at only 37 minutes. A really fantastic short full of Fellini's typical themes and haunting imagery.

Arlene S (au) wrote: Million dollar cast (and John Slattery directing), but it just didn't work. Very disappointing.

Aidan C (nl) wrote: What a terrible film! None of the characters are engaging (well their engaged, just not interesting), and the effects have that signature look of any Asylum film.

Becky K (es) wrote: i like blue in the face- especially jim jarmusch's bit.