Baby Take a Bow

Baby Take a Bow

Eddie Ellison is an ex-con who spent time in Sing-Sing prison. Kay marries him as soon as he serves his time. Five years later, Eddie and his ex-convict buddy Larry, have both gone straight, and Eddie and Kay have a beautiful little girl named Shirley. However, Welch has kept a close eye on them for years. He believes in "once a criminal, always a criminal." Then, when Eddie's employer's wife's pearls go missing, it comes out that Eddie and Larry both spent time in prison, and they're fired. Welch suspects that Eddie and Larry have something to do with the theft of the pearls. Will Welch prove that Eddie and Larry had something to do with the theft, or will the truth prevail?

Eddie Ellison is an ex-con who spent time in Sing-Sing prison. Kay marries him as soon as he serves his time. Five years later, Eddie and his ex-convict buddy Larry, have both gone straight... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (ca) wrote: The dogs were fine , story oke , Christmas ? The Christmas-play was awfull .

Kyle B (ca) wrote: It's a charming little movie with the always wonderful Toni Collette showing off her charm that we all love. Thomas Haden Church is also charming as always playing a documentary filmmaker that falls in love with Collette along the way. It's a road trip comedy and it is a nice one but nothing out of this world.

Daylan M (kr) wrote: I wasn't a huge fan of this movie, the action sequences were pretty awesome. But the characters story and the whole deal with his dad was not that well done. It left me leaving the theater thinking "Why?"

Andy C (nl) wrote: An extended Resident evil cut scene which slots somewhere not too neatly into the game franchises ever straining continuity. A retcon / full on reboot is most likely needed before too long as the characters here seem to have explored their own story arcs several times each by this point.

Matt H (au) wrote: An absolute must watch! Excellent. Just the single fact that no answer as to why they found thermite all over the internal structures and on building 7 says it all

Chris W (kr) wrote: funny. nothing more but it's okay. it's lovely.

Chris K (ca) wrote: If you like me, and your interested in the many truths about the world we live in, the good, and the ugly, you will probably like this ugly story about Human Trafficking. Its really well done. Definitely a sensitive movie but one that everyone should watch!

Sebastian I (de) wrote: This is the most violent live action asian movie I have seen. I have seen enough of them to have some understanding of their directing styles. All other asian action movies have people dying and blood can be seen but the limbs going in all directions little to none in them. Having body parts thrown all over the place seems very American and 7 swords is Americanized in this sense I can be wrong since I?m not an American citizen.The story of 7 swords is there is an imperial decree that bans martial arts practice and a price is set for the heads of those who practice. There?s a bandit group who leads a section of the imperial army on the implementation of decree. A man goes to a village warns all about it but arrested as a traitor/criminal from previous government. He escapes with 2 in tow and gathers a group of fighters to stop the bandit group and save the village.The sword fighting in this movie is several times better than the sword fighting in the 2nd matrix movie. Think matrix 1 fighting with swords. If you go past the inaccurate history and some forward references to older or other films, this can be a good movie. I give this 3/5 stars, would give it a 3.5/5 almost all due to the cool sword fighting in it. The sword and other weapon designs are cool.

Joaquin G (nl) wrote: Para mi es regular, ya que para ser de 1998. la pelcula esta bien lograda y a mi me en canto la parte en la que Goodzilla resulta estar vivo

Robert N (br) wrote: One star for the costumes and production. It looked like they reused sets and costumes from Name of the Rose and maybe Krull. Half a star for having Klaus Kinski not chewing the scenery or co-stars. Half a star for having a solid gem of a story idea that could have worked with the right creators. I kind of like the ending. If you see a copy of the dvd with a hideous cover pasting together different images, and you recognize the pixelated photos of Klaus Kinski from "Aguirre, the Wrath of God", and for some reason you still feel like you gotta watch this movie, look for a different copy: the soundtrack on this cheap version is a few seconds ahead of the visuals throughout, so it's even more annoying than a dubbed or looped movie.

Allen G (nl) wrote: An interesting and, predictably dark, experiment that's worth watching for its ambition and scope but certainly isn't something you're likely going to come back to.The pseudo-documentary nature of the film is interesting and it works well as a 'what if' portrayal on the topic of a nuclear attack but the lesson it seems to be trying to put forward is surely a fairly obvious one going in- if Sheffield really were to be bombed then obviously that would be terrible. Nonetheless, this film makes sure to keep explaining that to you... a lot... like, really... a lot. It'd be really, really bad, okay?It's characters are interesting and it has a lengthy part of the film situated before the disaster which allows for all of the tension and worry to build. The events seem realistic with a lot of detail going into why such a thing would occur and then of course the consequences that would come from it happening. It's strong visually with some great scenes of a destroyed landscape and endless victims pilled within it and it's suitably morbid and blunt, never letting up at all. It's hard to really take anything from the film though- again, we get that such a thing would be bad and we could guess a fair few of the consequences shown in the film and so sitting through this dark portrayal of them only really seems appealing as some form of self-punishment. I imagine the impact of such an attack may have been more difficult for viewers to grasp when this piece was originally released and so maybe it simply hasn't aged well in that sense but it's definitely difficult to see why someone would actually chose to spend two hours of their life with this and yet... I did. Overall, it does what it says on the tin well but this tin is sharp and unpleasant and so I doubt many people will be reaching for it in the first place. If it takes your fancy as some kind of entertainment-torture then you definitely won't be disappointed and if you have an interest in nuclear weaponry then this is for you too but I doubt, after seeing it, that you'll ever suddenly think at some point in the future: 'hey, I should watch Threads again!'.

Ice R (gb) wrote: Excellent drama. Heartbreaking.

Brooke W (br) wrote: Wow. Bizarre. I did laugh quite a lot.

Dan M (fr) wrote: This movie had a good story and characters. I wasnt to thrilled by the story, very predictable but it was entertaining.

Mayur S (mx) wrote: So bad, I'm a fledgling dancer and even I thought some of the moves were just rank. Music is bad, no visuals. The final doesn't even seem like the final. At least people in Germany and Brazil should be speaking some native tongue. No Capoeira from the Brazilian crew. Poor, Poor!