Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

This outrageously funny look at one man's final moments of bachelorhood stars Tom Hanks as Rick, reluctant recipient of a bachelor bash given by a group of friends who view partying as their full-time religion. Rick's worried fiancée, Debbie (Tawny Kitaen), dresses up in disguise and crashes the party to spy on her future husband.

Rick is going to get married soon and his friends are totally shocked that he finally decides to settle down. Rick's friends throw him the biggest bachelor party which may question Rick's love for his fiancee. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sara S (ca) wrote: laugh out loud funny. well done.

Andrej K (fr) wrote: This film is as self-absorbed and annoying as it is fascinating and visually tasteful. If you like pretentious new age art, this film is for you.

talija b (au) wrote: Non e' un film da cui si puo' imparare qlco di bello... ma ecco diciamo che questa storia puo' succedere a ognuno...

Huynh T (nl) wrote: The single shot sequences are true single shots [as opposed to being composites of multiple shots]. That's an amazing accomplishment -- and it's immensely effective. The single shot sequences capture the tension and urgency of the scene in a way that multiple shots could not. Take the ambush scene and the chase scene as examples where the audience is captivated from start to finish. If those sequences cut to various camera angles, the audience wouldn't feel the sense of urgency as greatly. In a single shot, your breathing tenses until the shot is over. One long single shot like the ones in the scenes mentioned commands not just attention, but tension too.

Hike O (it) wrote: I love you too Flipp

Jon J (ca) wrote: Possibly the best of the "Yakuza" sub-genre, provided that you don't mind copious amounts of unrealistic gore and darts firing out of vagina. And I don't.

Private U (au) wrote: The acting was wonderful. I don't know if his invention was real or not...but this is heartbreaking...pretty cool rather unknown flick.

roger t (nl) wrote: for the marnie and vertigo parallels.....