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Noah B (fr) wrote: "Although the music is great, there isn't much else to offer. Overall, lackluster special effects, a half-baked plot, and some terrible performances."

Ana M (ru) wrote: Qu difcil verlo a Gosling en este papel! Muy bien contada la historia, y muy bien ubicadas las escenas que van funcionando como pistas a lo largo de la pelcula, pero que solo pods terminar de unir cuando llega el final.

Ian E (it) wrote: "Reign Over Me" deals with touching themes with sensitive direction where Adam Sandler showcases a strong dramatic performance with emotional versatility and Don Cheadle's performance is insightful and empathetic.

Ken S (ca) wrote: Great fucking documentary. Boone!!!

JW M (au) wrote: Steve Jacobs so-called adaptation of Coetzee's beautiful novel is nothing less than a Disgrace. Malkovich is creepy from the beginning (made worse by a bad attempt at a South African accent) and all of the humanity of the book is gone. It is hards to fathom how this got a positive Tomatoe rating, but easy to see why it wasn't released in the US. This is nothing less than a travesty. If you've never read the book and like soap operas you might find some redeeming quality. But if you appreciate great literature you will need to look elsewhere.

Arieal M (de) wrote: A truly inspiring movie and book.

Carlos M (fr) wrote: Ousmane Sambne makes a daring and important statement against female genital mutilation and speaks for the necessity of change and modernization. Full review on filmotrope. com

Grant H (fr) wrote: Excellent movie. Very funny in its cultural differences and language miscommunications, with a great performance from Wood.

Manoj K (nl) wrote: During World War II, more than 70,000 Finnish children were evacuated to neutral Sweden to avoid the conflict. "Mother of Mine", the latest from the award-winning Klaus Hr (Elina: As If I Wasn't There (2002)), tackles that painful patch of history in a tale of 9-year-old Eero, a child who increasingly feels abandoned by his biological Finnish mother and yet not attached to his Swedish surrogate mom. When he is returned to Finland, his confusion intensifies. Written by Anonymous1943: Nine-year-old Eero whose father is killed during the war is brought to Sweden to foster parents to his protection like thousands of other Finnish children. Eero feels lost, particularly as his foster mother Signe behaves very unfriendly. She was expecting a little girl and still mourns for her daughter who drowned in the sea. The situation changes when Eero's mother tells with a letter that she wants to go with her lover to Germany and Eero should remain with his foster mother. Thus Eero becomes Signe's son. Now she cares lovingly for him. Eero makes friends with the little girl Siv and enjoys childhood for a while. However, after the end of the war the boy has to go back to Finland against his will where his mother waits for him. Never again he will be able to trust her, since she has disappointed him too often. 60 years later, invited to Signe's burial, he will understand while reading all letters that both women only wanted the best for him. Written by

Private U (nl) wrote: Five stars just because.

Bjorn K (us) wrote: K2 is concerning an attempt to climb the second highest mountain in the world. 8611metres, it has the next highest death rate for climbers after Annapurna. Of course the characters are not experienced enough and everything goes very wrong. Lots of excitement and good climbing sequences and footage for a non documentary.

josh m (nl) wrote: All though it is the goriest entry in the monster kings series. It nonetheless delivers with plenty of substance.

David S (us) wrote: Epic-scale espionage thriller in the same vein as "The Spy Who Came In From the Cold". William Holden gives a solid performance as a civilian called upon the allies to act as a spy, traveling across Europe on "business trips" to establish connections to German entrepreneurs. Holden's character is a real human being, he's inexperienced and unsure about himself. Unlike a spy like James Bond, we don't know how Holden's character can get out of danger or even if he will (no hi-tech gadgetry here). This realism makes the suspense all the more palpable to the viewer as we are never sure how (or if) he will escape, and the danger seems real at all times and is always a potent threat. Though there are some terrific moments of tension, the script does drag at points (due to its excessive run time) but there is always a dramatically intense scene to pull you in, thus making you never lose interest. The highlight of the film is the powerful scene between Holden and Lilli Palmer at the prison window... so powerful that it is nearly unbearable!

Kurt A (us) wrote: Don't trust Canadians. Furthermore, don't trust flying brains.

Merry J (jp) wrote: Good movie! Watch it!

Lisa K (ru) wrote: This is a powerful story that left me thinking about the plot for a very long time. I won't discuss the plot as it is available on most reviews. The main character is Bess played by Emily Watson. She does a fantastic job as a woman who is very in touch with her core feelings and those feeling propel all her actions. She is seen by her community as simple and mentally unstable. However, it becomes apparent that society has learned to dull and numb themselves to the rawest of emotions. Bess feels those emotions and acts on them, so when she shows emotion, she appears unbalanced. However, I feel that she was the most stable and in touch with her deepest self and therefore was propelled to goodness. She is deeply in love with her husband and this love is so great that nothing else matters. She can't find herself without her husband. Her husband gets injured and becomes severely disabled. He wants to kill himself because he can't sexually satisfy his wife. He asks Bess to sleep with other men and then tell him about it. This way, he will feel the experience and it is like the two of them being together. The church elders, her family and her doctor think that her husband is mentally manipulating her and she is so weak that she can't make the correct decision for herself. The audience feels Bess' thoughts and intentions and realizes that she is not crazy. I think that the connections that are made in her husbands brain to his body through her stories helps him to heal. There isn't another review that made this connection. Over time, her husband improves but the story has a tragic ending. This is a story of triumph for love and deep beliefs and makes a quiet mockery of strict organized Christianity and society's attitudes on hiding your emotions.

Brian B (gb) wrote: Die Hard has had many sequels but none have ever had the sheer amount of thrills this one had. This movie is about a group of employees at a Christmas party who get taken hostage by terrorists and one cop in the building has to save them. It's funny, thrilling, it has great performances, and it has great actors. This movie makes every fight scene look very tense and it has creative kills for the terrorists. It also surprises us with its well-constructed script and its perfect pacing which remains consistent and easy to follow throughout the whole film. The movie is not perfect though because of the marriage conflict with McClane and his wife. It's great for an action movie to have a character development but I found it to be uninteresting. But this is a minor complaint on my part. Overall, this movie is fantastic. It's super entertaining and it has influenced many later action films. Many have tried to top this but none have ever succeeded. This movie is probably one of if not the best action movie of all time and it's a must watch for all fans of the action genre.

Patrick L (mx) wrote: "The new twist on the legendary detective is an absolute delight"DVD Movie Review: Mr. HolmesDate Viewed: December 8 2015Directed By Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters, Dreamgirls, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Parts 1 & 2 and The Fifth Estate)Screenplay By Jeffrey Hatcher, Based on the novel by Mitch CullinStarring: Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Milo Parker, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hattie Morahan, Patrick Kennedy, Roger Allam, Phil Davis, Frances de la Tour, Colin Starkey, Nicholas Rowe and John Sessions.Bill Condon's "Mr. Holmes" is an absolute delight. It's a new twist on the legendary detective as he is now retired from solving cases. However, one unsolved case puts him back on the job, he also gets help from a little boy named Roger. Ian McKellen gives one of his best performances as the famous but now old Sherlock Holmes. After directing the disappointing "The Fifth Estate" and the two parts of "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn", it's nice to see Condon back on top of his form.The year is 1947 and Sherlock Holmes (now 93 years old) has long-retried from his detective work. Having just came back from a trip to war-torn Hiroshima, Holmes has found the thing he was looking for, a rare plant withstrong restorative powers. Mr. Holmes (McKellen) now lives in a remote Sussex farmhouse with his housekeeper, Mrs. Munro (Laura Linney) and her son, Roger (Milo Parker).Even though he is facing the end of his ropes and fading memory, Mr. Holmes still has one last case to solve, the very case he failed to solve before he retired from the job. 35 years earlier, a man approached Holmes and asked him to find out why his wife changed after having two miscarriages. The wife forged checks, looked at train schedules and bought poison at a chemist's shop. She then committed suicide by stepping in front of an oncoming train.After the husband blamed himself for his wife's death, Holmes decided to retire from detective work. McKellen is excellent in the role of Mr. Holmes, Laura Linney is luminous as always and Milo Parker is really good as the little boy who tries to help Mr. Holmes in solving the case. This movie isn't Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes", it's a mystery drama that disguises itself as a take-your-grandma movie.Lovely, elegant and well-written, "Mr. Holmes" is in fact a better movie than Guy Ritchie's two "Sherlock Holmes" movies combined.