Back by Midnight

Back by Midnight

The warden of a small, rundown, minimum-security prison plots revenge against the prison's dishonest owner by having four inmates break out and plan a department store robbery to spruce up the prison's faculties.

The warden of a small, rundown, minimum-security prison plots revenge against the the prison's dishonest owner by having four inmates break out and plan a department store robbery to spruce up the prison's faculties. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam K (ca) wrote: Enjoyable and clever, but misses the essence from the book. Something was lost in the switch from the tar (a plucked lute-like Persian instrument) to the violin.

Eamon O (nl) wrote: I knew what to expect form this film1. Confusing storyline2. Creepy girl with long hairBut I didn't expect to be very artistic and dark one of my favourite from the legendary grudge director.

Michael K (kr) wrote: Russian biopic about Alexander Kolchak, a rear admiral in the Russian navy during WWI. Kolchak's story is a fascinating one and there's a feeling that this film is about presenting a different side of the Russian revolution and those caught up in it. With Stalin re-writing history as he went along I've heard little about Kolchak as I imagine is the same for most of us. Similar to Dr Zhivago and Gone With The Wind it's predominantly a story of romance set against the backdrop of a momentous piece of world history. Unlike those the cinematography rarely hits the heights and the romance is far less interesting than the action scenes leading you to wait impatiently for the moments of historical importance and, of course, the bombs and bullets.

Jason P (fr) wrote: I would put a half star. None if it gave people an idea about this film.

Alex K (ca) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.

Kate S (de) wrote: Fond memories - and John Allen Nelson is smokin' hot in this movie.

Scott G (es) wrote: my fav film of all time been trying to buy it for years wore it out on V.H.S.

Fredrik C (fr) wrote: An ok noir take on the story of John Dillinger.

Steve M (fr) wrote: A conman posing as a medium (Duncan) has set up shop in the old mansion where a mad scientist used to make his monsters. Lt Bradford (Moore) the police department's unofficial expert on the supernatural goes to investigate. The medium may be a fake, but who is that strange woman in black who kills teenagers who are make out in the nearby woods? And who is the woman in white who appears and dissapears at will? Given that this is a film from the mind of Eddie Wood, will be ever find out?! "Night of the Ghouls" has been described to me, by someone who's watch more Ed Wood films that any sane person should, as the best film he ever made. For most of the film's running time, I thought my friend had to be crazy to make such a claim, but the scenes grafted into the film from a early Wood horror short titled "Final Curtain" and the film's climactic minutes are actually pretty creepy. Yes... Ed Wood DOES manage to invoke a sense of dread instead of just making something dreadful. (And he even throws in a twist ending that no one will see coming.) Wood also seemed to have made more of an attempt to maintain an internal continuity in this film than he has in any other of his film's I've seen. It's reflected in the fact that Lt. Bradford is on his way to enjoy a night at the opera when he is called to investigate the strange going-ons at the old house... so he goes on his assignment in evening dress, so his clothes match those he wore in the scenes taken from "Final Curtain" and placed here. This being a film from Ed Wood, however, one can't expect attention to detail taken too far, now can we? Wood may have done a stellar job (by his standards) on maintaining this film's internal continuity, but he screwed up in almost every way when we look at the big picture it's part of. "Night of the Ghouls" is the sequel to "Bride of the Monster", but the only details he gets right between the two films is that the comic relief character played by Paul Marco is named Patrolman Kelton, the hulking manbeast is named Lobo, and there was a mad scientist who once lived in a house and made monsters. He gets Bradford's name wrong (it was Lt. Craig), the location of the house wrong (it wasn't by Lake Willow but rather by Marsh Lake on Willow Road), and Lobo was very much dead at the end of "Bride". (That last one might not be a mistake, given some of the revelations that take place late in "Night", but I have a hard time giving Wood the benefit of the doubt.) "Night of the Ghouls" is another sad little movie from Edward D. Wood, Jr. Unlike most of his output, this film actually does manage to achieve what he was going for in a couple of spots. Interestingly, some of those bits were scavanged from an earlier movie, one that Wood perhaps spent more time on than he did his pater efforts. Plus, as mentioned, Wood actually tries to maintain continuity from scene to scene. On the very heavy downside, though, the film meanders and wanders through its storyline worse than "Plan 9 From Outer Space" or "Revenge of Dr. X". Most people with better things to do than watch Ed Wood movies will probalby not even GET to the good parts, because they'll have turned the movie off, because it doesn't seem to hold a focus for more than a minute at a time. The wandering nature of the screenplay drags the film down from a low 5 to a low 4. Yes, this may well be Ed Wood's finest effort--I still think that honor probably goes to "Glen or Glenda?" but I understand my friend's point having sat through the film. I also consider this another bit of evidence that Wood WASN'T the world's worst director. That's not to say you'll miss anything if you spend your time watching something else! (Speaking of watching something else.... Remember how I said that this is a sequel to "Bride of the Monster"? Well, some who like to pass themselves off as film critics or reviewers have stated it's a sequel to "Plan 9 from Outer Space". If you come across someone making that claim, you are witnessing an idiot in action. And he or she is a lazy idiot, because anyone who WATCHES "Night of Ghouls" who has also seen "Bride of the Monster" will easily pick up on the connection. There are NO significant links to "Plan 9" in this film.) Night of the Ghouls (aka "Revenge of the Dead")Starring: Criswell, Duke Moore, Kenne Duncan, Valda Hansen, Paul Marco, Tor Johnson, Johnny Carpenter, Jeannie Stevens, and Bud OsborneDirector: Edward D. Wood, Jr

Nicki M (mx) wrote: Kind of disappointing. I didn't hate it, but for a comedy, it was low on laughs. I think the only even vaguely likeable one out of the three girls was Isla Fisher, and actually she was pretty horrible too, but kind of dumb, so you could laugh at it. Kristen Dunst I have never before seen so harsh on screen. The third girl I didn't recognize as an actress and I didn't like her at all. Rebel Wilson is the only one you can really like here, but her screen time is less than the other three. Maybe I just expected better because of the cast. I will have to watch it again sometime with my lowered expectations.27/3/15Actually did appreciate this more on a second viewing. Realising it wasn't going to be a laugh a minute (though there certainly are some dark laughs to be had), I could better see these girls are actually quite troubled. I didn't find Isla's character funny this time, actually she's very sad. Funnily enough, I liked Kirsten more this time. A flawed, but decent study of the rivalries hidden behind friendships.

bill d (kr) wrote: This movie is my childhood favorite. It requires heavy suspension of disbelief. However, once you just go with it, the movie is brilliantly simple and entertaining. Who doesn't love seeing movies that use 80's lingo?

Arthuro M (fr) wrote: Un scnario solide, une bonne reconstitution des 50s et un casting de haute vole Curs Perdus a des atouts indniables. Il pche un peu par son rythme, c'est le seul reproche qu'on lui fera.

Jerome W (fr) wrote: Well I'm going to try again to keep this thing up if I don't do anything else except talk about movies. That will be easier because Netflix has a sick load of choices. Of what I've seen lately, I liked "Nine Songs" better than most people. Explicit sex in a film doesn't bother me. I think it's a lot more honest than most of the beat around the bush crap they do in mainstream movies. "The Harmonists" turned out to be really moving. The dog was "Busting", a cop movie from the Dirty Harry school starring Elliott Gould and Robert Blake as grubby cops fighting the system. The plot was typically illogical, stacking the deck against the pair in ludicrous ways, but the real killer was Peter Hymas' direction. The man was addicted to hallways. Every second shot in the movie seemed to be a tracking shot down a long highway. Robert Blake was second banana in this but looking at his performance it was easy to believe this was his audition for "Baretta".