Back from Eternity

Back from Eternity

A South American plane loaded with an assortment of characters crash lands in a remote jungle area in the middle of a storm. The passengers then discover they are in an area inhabited by vicious cannibals and must escape before they are found.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1956
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,   death,   jungle,  

A South American plane loaded with an assortment of characters crash lands in a remote jungle area in the middle of a storm. The passengers then discover they are in an area inhabited by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Back from Eternity torrent reviews

Robbie V (ca) wrote: This Stephen King take on revenge thriller formula is bleak and stark, a bit silly but rolls along quite well.

Robin v (au) wrote: would never have gone out of my way to see this and would that have been a loss! a fascinating story of the charmed life of a guy I'd never heard of. he lived and worked in circles so far away from my life (Alice Cooper, and rock stars drug hazes of the 1970s-90s, and Anne Murray!) and yet I would have loved to know him. in say charmed, although it's a poignant point that he ends up quite alone, making it tragic in a way. he has given so much to so many, and had close calls with fulfillment, that never quite come full circle.

Tyler A (fr) wrote: pretty pointless story, up until the end " when everything is revealed to be a big ploy to see if the main gangster can trust his hired ", resulting in them fighting eachother to the death too. and the female character running " with the hitman after her being revealed as a spy all along

Lora R (us) wrote: I saw from the ratings that this movie was gonna be bad, but I've been wanting to watch it since I saw the trailer back in 2012. So I finally did and I agree with the low ratings completely.The story has stupid plot holes and the ending is unsatisfactory. You don't get any explanation in the end and that made the movie even more horrible. The acting was good though and there was some suspense and thrill here and there, but the plot holes made this movie go down the drain.

Cory G (jp) wrote: It was a decent look at the working poor but it kept getting worse and worse with no light at the end. And then it ended with the girl with zero options getting back with the abusive handicapped boyfriend. Wth.

Rorshach S (es) wrote: Gothika is lackluster as a horror movie, but as a mystery it's decent enough.

Jacob S (kr) wrote: Between 1993 and 2005, George Romero went into hibernation, only to make one film with Studio Canal in 2000, which turned out to be this steaming pool of dog urine. The story centers around a whiny little girl of a man who complains of being treated horribly by everyone, including his boss, landlord etc. By a chance meeting with a hippie chick making stupid masks, he becomes faceless and takes his aggressions out on those he feels have wronged him. Yep, it's as bad as it sound. This may be the worst film Romero ever made (This is including Knight Riders, Two Evil Eyes, and Monkey Shines. However, I have yet to see "There's Always Vanilla"). Avoid at all costs.

Mike B (kr) wrote: You just have to be in the mood for this. And I wasn't. Needs to be watched with like minded folk and beer.

Orlok W (it) wrote: Moving performances from Rourke, Hoskins & Bates--Rourke's linguistic opus!!

Vesa R (br) wrote: B-luokkaista, huumoriarvoa piisaa. Suosittelen.

Arael A (au) wrote: As an avid Hammer mega-fan, I had a lot of fun with this film. Freddie Frances's use of lens filters gave this film the distinction of being one of the best looking of the series. Religious symbolism and questions of faith and disbelief abound, but for the most part I found it very entertaining....even if Dracula's reflection can be seen in a pool of water!