Back from the Front

Back from the Front

The Stooges join the war effort by enlisting at Merchant Marines. While aboard, they have a brief run-in with (a secret German Nazi officer) Lt. Dungen (Vernon Dent), and then mistake a torpedo for a beached whale. Moe says they have to kill it, and it promptly explodes. After being lost at sea for several days, they come across the SS Schicklgruber and climb aboard. Now with fully grown beards, they come across Lt. Dungen again, who does not recognize them. After realizing they are in with a nest of German sailors, they eventually overtake the crew and toss them overboard.

Set in WW II, the stooges are the only survivors of an American ship sunk by an enemy torpedo. Adrift on a raft, they come upon a German battleship and by various means, such as Moe ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan B (jp) wrote: I'm guessing that this movie doesn't feature highly on the favourites list of BP employees telling as it does the story of the events surrounding the explosion on the oil-rig Deepwater Horizon. It paints a sorry picture of the the events leading up to that dreadful incident showing how corporate greed and irresponsibility overrode safety and established good practice in pursuit of economic gain. For me, as a layperson, I had hoped that this movie would clarify some of reasons behind the terrible events of 2010 when the disaster occurred. However, I left feeling none the wiser, just knowing something really awful had happened. The problem for me is there is just too much specialist technobabble about what I suppose should be the normal running of an oil rig, with too little explained. This movie may well be a factually accurate telling of what happened but I'm afraid I've no real way of knowing. I feel like I should have had a crash course in oil exploration before seeing this film in order to understand what was going on as too many of the scenes just seemed confusing. All i know is that things got very tense between John Malkovic and Kurt Russell and Mark Wahlberg was caught up in it, trying to sort things out. What we have is a disaster movie that I really wanted to understand but was frustrated that I couldn't and I actually feel this did something of a disservice to the people who were killed or injured as it didn't tell their story effectively. Maybe it is just too soon after the event?

Mayank F (de) wrote: Storytelling isn't this film's strong suit and the consensus is true but I still am amazed by skills Taghmaoui possesses.

Matt G (br) wrote: Yeah, its as bad as it sounds.

John K (ag) wrote: KEEP STIRRING!! I first saw this on cable TV and missed the first 5-10 minutes of it. Because of that I thought this was a real documentary and kept questioning this was real or not- only later realizing it was a mockumentary. This film is a well crafted mockumentary that keeps twisting and twisting with each scene that does not let up while giving out any clues telling the audience that it is a spoof. This is a very dark comedy that deserves to have more of a wider audience. If any guy has Yellow Fever (an obsession for Asian women)- you will only need to see this movie to cure yourself of it. I WANT BABY!! LOL! Definitely an undiscovered gem!!!

Ashley H (es) wrote: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is an excellent movie. It is about the adventures of Admiral Harriman Nelson and his crew. Walter Pidgeon and Joan Fontaine give amazing performances. The screenplay is well written. Irwin Allen did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the action and adventure. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is a must see.

Trinity C (de) wrote: Myths are interesting...

Nathaniel B (br) wrote: Even better than the first time. Brilliant, masterful, wonderful, delightful. Art.

Nick A (es) wrote: This film isn't crafted with much ingenuity, but it's fortunate for its subject -- the National Film Registry -- which itself provides joy and information enough that no structural craft is really necessary.