When he's discharged from a military hospital, ex-GI Bob Corey (Gordon MacRae) goes on a search for his army buddy Steve Connolly (Edmond O'Brien). A reformed crook, Connolly is on the lam from a trumped-up murder rap, and Corey hopes to clear his pal. Tagging along is Army nurse Julie Benson (Virginia Mayo), who has fallen for Corey.

While recuperating from wartime back injuries at a hospital, veteran Bob Corey is visited on Christmas Eve by a beautiful stranger with an even stranger message. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohamad B (gb) wrote: abisnya yang rasis2 mesti seru sih.

John C (kr) wrote: I love the Puppet Master movies myself, Blade is awesome, they all are in fact, and watching their somewhat jerky animation styles is just fun. Show me some puppets killing folks and I almost don't care what the story about. As far as Axis Of Evil goes, well let's just say I'm glad I don't care about the story. It was a fun movie to watch, for sure, but the horrible acting from the Naxi's and Japanese geisha who are, in this film, attempting to both capture the puppets and their secret to living, and also blow up a building for the sake of World War II, made it a tad too silly at times. You can just watch the geisha trying her hardest to put up this tough exterior and be serious yet all the while dressed in a dress and white makeup, it just doesn't fly. However, you almost expect some of that in any good B movie, so it's not out of the ordinary and doesn't detract from the puppets. As the story continues, a fellow with polio, who because of his disease is not able to go to the war himself, happens to be a good carpenter and finds the puppets and their secret, so they set out to aid the war on the homefront and destroy the enemies. The story practically reveals itself as it's going on, no twists or surprises, but all in all, a good cheesy flick.

Roger T (es) wrote: This film kicks arse!

Shatish N (br) wrote: Good film..Must watch

Faisal F (ru) wrote: One of my favourite movie about journalism

Christopher D (de) wrote: Much the lesser of the two films. Most of the same beats. But Ching Wan Lau continues to perform very well in his continued role.

Zeeya k (it) wrote: seen many times one of my favourites

Angel M (fr) wrote: Awesome cast and great script!

Anne S (mx) wrote: adorable. Will not become one of my favorite movies ever, but, it was cute.

David A (gb) wrote: Philosophy, life and imagery combine in this through the looking glass view of life as a philosopher. Having read Philosophical Investigations and having had a stab at Tractatus, I think this film elegantly handles LW's tussle with philosophy and life separately, and his subsequent effort to reconcile them. Jarman, the cast and crew let the words of LW speak. It's a shame the still used for the cover is so unrepresentative.

Keith M (fr) wrote: this film was more annoying than anything else. he actors seemed agitated which made me agitated while i was watching it. not very good

Ben H (mx) wrote: Noirish melodrama, worthwhile for Powell's disillusioned insurance man, depressed to be 'the backbone of American society.' This depiction of the post-war malaise again highlights the flaws in the capitalist system where some people with cut corners to get what they (are told by the American dream, they) want, such as Raymond Burr's detective using blackmail to get the girl, Smiley being in jail because of embezzlement. Desire and guilt are examined well here, unfortunately the film as a whole doesn't hold together.

Michael J (nl) wrote: How could the amazing Judy Dench ever be so boring..but she is in this poorly written and directed gas bomb. Run, don't walk to the nearest bed and watch to help cure your bad case of insomnia.

Greg W (fr) wrote: Mo' Better Blues is not a great film, but it's an interesting one, which is almost as rare.

Thomas L (ag) wrote: Interesting movie, an obvious inspiration for District-9