Bad Boy

Bad Boy

To inherit a million dollars, an egotistical man must find the women he's betrayed and convince them to forgive him.

To inherit a million dollars, an egotistical man must find the women he's betrayed and convince them to forgive him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robbie V (nl) wrote: Amiable but unconvincing. Oddly condones bribery.

Waqas S (es) wrote: Superb performances by Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi. Vidya Balan as a sexy seductress was great. Chutium sulphate hee hoga koi jo miss karega yeh!:p

Nikki L (br) wrote: Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is a cute movie for kids.

Adam K (br) wrote: pretty shitty trailer but i still came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain

Liam M (ag) wrote: The most enjoyable entry in the series. Still dumb, still messy, somehow inexplicably fun.

Nathan C (ru) wrote: Why the hell would anyone put buildings and Electricity Underwater? Bad Animation Effects, All the Fish would die!Finding Nemo Is Nothing Like That Crap!Score: 3/10

Faith W (nl) wrote: I might be totally alone in this, but I don 't care...I like it.

Donna D (br) wrote: One of Ang Lee's best movies. The opening sequence is the best part of the movie with the food preparation. Charming and funny story and a must see. :) Now I'm craving chinese food. :P

Karima A (de) wrote: Very Interesting if you can stand all the dialog.

Pan C (fr) wrote: A pretty humorous horror movie with a nice bit of gorefest tacked on. Simply enjoyable.

Kevin M (jp) wrote: A great comic book adaptation that clearly establishes one of the most important elements of the Batman mythos: Gotham City. In this movie Gotham becomes a character on its own, with corruption and impunity on every corner, the perfect setting for a vigilante dressed as a Bat. Although the main character is not only Batman but James Gordon as well, both trying to clean Gotham on their own way and with their own resources. Ultimately this is a great animation with a solid new origin for Batman and Gordon that contains universal themes, such as corruption, impunity and injustice, that's what makes it so appealing. Special Mention to the Showcase: Catwoman short film which was also great.

Guido S (ru) wrote: I usually can enjoy most of Martin Lawrence's movies, but this one just wasn't that good. His daughter Raven Symone is going to college and wants to go to Georgetown, but her overprotective father wants her to stay at home and go to Northwestern. This could have been somewhat interesting, but it just wasn't that funny. It just felt a little too random on how they got about from here to there and didn't really feel like it had a good story going along. Not much here that I enjoyed, it was mostly just pretty mediocre.

Scott R (us) wrote: A good performance and insight into churchills character. Some touching moments and a dose of reality give us an intimate look into the daily grind of the powerful British hero during the war.

Ivan R (nl) wrote: Brilliant social commentary!

Farah R (de) wrote: Beautiful cinematography aside, there's hardly anything to see in this dull drama.