Bad Boys

Bad Boys

A young delinquent takes part in a robbery and is sentenced to a juvenile detention center, where he clashes with other youths and reflects on his life experiences.

An improvisational film depicting life in a boys' reform school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim (it) wrote: I thought it was pretty good...not sure why flixster gave it such a low rating. I think it gives insight to some of what our troops go through when coming home. War changes people, I think we should all try to understand and support our troops even if we don't always agree with the war. It is their Job and we are lucky to have them!

Fiona L (ca) wrote: This Movie really Is Broken. Short on depth, script and dialogue, making the whole movie feel more like a music video than a feature film. It inspires me to revisit my Broken Social Scene collection but that's it. There seems to be a disconnect between the characters and the music, other than the two who happen to be in the same movie together. The characters seemed bland and weak, which stereotypes the male 20-something Queen Street hipster as shallow social climbers that easily interchange romance to *bromance* when enough alcohol is provided.Understandably, ambience is difficult to capture in a movie. They did a great job capturing the Harbourfront concert experience but failed with Toronto as the headliner. The movie preview promised a sexier and exciting depiction of Toronto; instead, an unrecognizable, disconnected sloppy second to a beer commercial's version. The movie was successful if it's only intent was to have me wanting to buy more Broken Social Scene. Unfortunately, the characters and storyline seemed unimportant and unnecessary.

Samantha S (au) wrote: keep Michael Moore and his politics out of my face

Chris B (fr) wrote: The Girl Who Leapt Through time is a puzzling movie, as it has deep themes and an intriguing concept, but it fails to deliver on those ideas. That is not to say that it isn't an enjoyable movie though, as I actually really liked the film. The movie runs at 90 minutes, which just isn't enough time to flesh out the characters while dealing with themes of loss, memory, adolescence, time travel and love. With a bit more time to realize the relationships between the three lead characters, this could have been an incredible film, one that would have been much more poignant. It is still a decent anime, one which is worth checking out if you enjoy the genre. A better film by the same studio and director would be Summer Wars. As it stands, I believe the film deserves 3.5 stars out of 5.

Alden S (au) wrote: Love the show so I love the movie.

Lucas N (br) wrote: Favreau's first movie was a great place to start out on

Joel A (gb) wrote: A largely unknown film that has the typical American Cowboy but the not so common Australian Outback.Tom Sellek has an undeniable presence on screen & I'm surprised he didn't have a more fruitful career...he is very underrated.Simon Wincer directed this film well with great shots & great blend of drama, action & at time humour. Much better than one would expect.

Pedro R (mx) wrote: werner herzog and klaus kinksi?? did whe need to say more?? to be honest i found this movie the best of their colaboration! it was shot in wonderfull locations and and has powerfull images that stick in you mind like super glue! And the one and only Klaus Kinski is wonderfull as usual, here in the role of a mercenary who fucks three teenage daughters of a landlord, and so he is sent to africa to trade slaves whit a crazed tribe chief! Great Movie!

James C (kr) wrote: Its amazing how different horror changed from the 60's to the 70's. And considering im not a big B&W film (any genre) kind of fan this did very little to impress me. Basic tale of witchcraft and revenge and while considered a cult classic i dont think it aged very well at all. Bleh....3/10

Shane S (gb) wrote: Another fun horror/comedy. Outstanding cast. Pretty good effects. Just a lot of fun.