Bad Cop

Bad Cop

A cop Angel Almaraz saves the life of a local crime boss who, in return, offers him a job as part of his security. Almaraz accepts but soon has doubts.

A cop Angel Almaraz saves the life of a local crime boss who, in return, offers him a job as part of his security. Almaraz accepts but soon has doubts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin Q (ag) wrote: it's got Johnny Drama in it! lol

Megan C (jp) wrote: John Doe - he's insane

Nabila G (kr) wrote: Loved it every single time i watched it! XD

Jon C (ru) wrote: a rompin, roaring good timeplenty of laughs, cool music and 90's teen exploration to sparethis soundtrack kicks all kinds of assand Robin Harris has the best lines in hereit also depicts the real way parties should be held whether it involves DJing, girls, jail etc.definitely a real pleaser for the viewer

Joe B (us) wrote: Yeah...pretty decent cop flick has some frustratingly slow periods but really knocks one out of the park as far as epilogues go. For sure a great early indication of how bat-crap crazy James Woods can be.

Kinohi N (de) wrote: Something to watch for ironic interest or for a nostalgic return to a blaxploitation classic. It's actually a pretty boring film, and if you consider Clouse directed Enter the Dragon just before this, it's a step backward for martial arts cinema.

Rory D (nl) wrote: It doesn't really make you want multiple viewings, really, it's just one sitting that doesn't let you mull about.

Matthew O (ru) wrote: Cary Grant as a drunken ne'er do well. It tanked at the time, but it's wonderfully fun. I love the opening song.

SagaciousFrank (fr) wrote: Really just a great Christmas comedy film. Fantastic performances all round injected with great wit and timing by both the cast and director. There is some excellent musical pieces on display here including Chopin and Mozart. The Chopin piece at the beginning in the bar couldn't have been better selected for this amusing, pathetic, and melancholy spectacle of a truly debauched, depraved, emotionally crippled and ultimately lost human being. And yet in spite all of the fantastically sickening and vulgar laughs (which really do work), director Terry Zwigoff keeps the Christmas spirit alive with a subtle message of newly discovered companionship and redemption. 4/5

Corby T (au) wrote: This film is around an hour long, but I feel the first 25 minutes are a complete waste of time, as There was no real character building or setup. All characters were blank slates with no personalities or treats. There were also several shots where a character reacts to things they see in the woods, but for the life of me, I could not see what was making them so scared. All I could see was lovely shots of trees. There may have been movement or shadows in the shot, but it was not overtly obvious. At about 30 minutes into the film things started to get interesting. The plots started to speed up and there were a few unforeseen twists. There were one or two jumpy moments in the film, but not enough in my opinion to be classed as a horror. The ending was unexpected but good. As an audience, we did not get to know the two female characters, seems they were meat bag destined to die and that's a shame.

Jens L (gb) wrote: Light and its best moments feels like a good Clive barker story....but bad acting and ridiculous blue screen and stop motion effects destroy that so often...less would have been more

Panos M (jp) wrote: Paltrow is great in this movie. Her role as the daughter that follows the professional steps of a dysfunctional mathematics genious while trying to live up to his expectaions is not an easy one.

john j (it) wrote: Amazing movie that is very unique and powerful

Matthew S (mx) wrote: John Dahl's film noir is surprisingly stylish and smart considering his limited budget. Much of this film's success is owed to Linda Fiorentino who delivers a masterful femme fatale turn like nobody's business. It seems like this great movie has somehow been forgotten, but see it if you get the opportunity.

Josh G (us) wrote: A movie about actors and actresses wanting to be taken seriously, with a strong feminist subtext for its time. Makes sense that this is the movie that put Lange on the map. She put pure empathic passion into her character of Julie that was almost palpable and quite memorable. Dustin Hoffman deals with his character with grace and slips into his character like a glove. Bill Murray like usual steals every scene. Its hard to miss something like that thats oozing charisma. Some moments can be a bit sappy in this film but it's all too heartfelt and real. When Dustin in Dorothy drag tells the director that her name is non "Tootsie" its Dorothy, it strikes a ringing feeling of empathy for what women have to go through in the work place. A very important piece of cinema.

Timothy H (kr) wrote: the name says it all I don't understand it by it was kinda worth it to see this film yes, no, maybe?