Bad Day at Black Rock

Bad Day at Black Rock

A stranger visits a tiny Western town determined to keep a horrible secret.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   cripple,   hotel,  

This drama yields a grim social message about racial prejudice. Spencer Tracy is John J. MacReedy, a one-armed stranger who comes to the tiny town of Black Rock one hot summer day in 1945. He looks for both a hotel room and a local Japanese farmer named Komoko, but... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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tiredof j (gb) wrote: watch a porn movie instead - no false expectations there; this just seems to be vehicle for chris messina (who produced and acted) - tired of being "everyman" chris? there was honesty there - now you are just another male 'whore' - what your character accused the woman of being in earning her living as a 'predictive analyst' - and matt gross, whoever you are, who wrote this piece of garbage - never heard of you before, there's a reason probably, but you were the one who put that line in her mouth - subliminally self-analytical are we? we thought this would be something like a hotel version of "up in the air" which was smart, funny, had a plot, and was a commentary about the contemporary workplace - and its effect on humans.28 hotel rooms is nothing remotely of the sort - and now we know never to take the advice of red tomato-givers, Noel Murray and Tim Grierson! Rob koehler sorry for not having taken your advice - we were just trying to stay awake till SNL time - couldn't bear watching wolf blitzer anymore...

Dennis H (jp) wrote: favorite movie I love watching it on Christmas.

Mark S (gb) wrote: More absurd than disturbing...

Josh H (au) wrote: Meg Ryan is pretty great in this, but even that can't save a painfully predictable movie.

Jason M (gb) wrote: A long epic about a legendary story. Truly for history buffs and armchair adventurers, this may be a challenging viewing for the typical Hollywood audience. More of a PBS Masterpiece Theater feature, I would not recommend entertaining this as an adventure film. Very well acted, by a great actor playing the protagonist.

Austin G (jp) wrote: Though the twist at the end is underwhelming, the movie is enjoyable overall.

Kelly S (ca) wrote: What a fantastic Romance Movie! =)

Andrew T (es) wrote: A forgotten flawed gem from the SCTV crew. Hit and miss, but some of the hits are great. Cult hypnotizes future son in law to kill congressman, is the plot, but they don't try too hard to stick to it. A must see for Candy/SCTV fans.

Aj V (es) wrote: I got this movie in a DVD pack of vampire flicks, but it's not a vampire movie really. It's really creepy and I really liked it, even though I was disappointed about there being no vampires. Check it out, it's good.

Luke W (au) wrote: Interesting plot with judge unknowingly collaborating with the Devil in human form.

Terri A (br) wrote: As a teenager during WW2, this was one of my favorite books.. The movie is one I watch whenever it comes on t.v. Love those heroes and the Chinese that saved them.

Ian M (mx) wrote: Well acted by Dougray Scott, but that doesn't make up for a flimsy script meaning there is a dull storyline. Such a shame. Let's hope someone can actually make a decent movie of the classic story at some point.

Bill T (it) wrote: The last, to date, Chucky film is definitely the most violent, perhaps done to appease to today's gore crowd. The chucky here is definitely more meaner, a good improvement, and has somewhat ditched the comedy aspect of the Tilly seqels. The plot here isn't that great though, mainly putting Chucky in a spooky old house with plenty of clueless individuals.

Eifion D (br) wrote: Better late than never seeing this movie, and i'm so happy I did. While i'm not the buggest fan of OW's style, i found him to be very enjoyable here. I loved the premise and setting. This is now in my top 10 romantic Comedies

Markus S (jp) wrote: Solid performances by Mac, Howard, and Elise in a typical inspirational sport movie.

Zachary M (ru) wrote: I can see how people in the mid 200's would have been ready for a not so bleak stories depicting the turmoil in the Middle East, would be interested in this. The film is based on a real life story, but just like the real story, I feel this movie while okay, is much like the real story it is based off, an interesting side story, but not really worth a center stage telling.

Jim N (ca) wrote: Interesting - but never "terrifying" as some reviews say. Completely underwhelming ending.

Leslie Anne F (ag) wrote: Funny and action-filled. Loved every bit of it!

Rosco B (us) wrote: My favourite by quite a long way of Italian lowbrow splatter-meister Lucio Fulci's horror films; and the middle chapter in a sort-of-trilogy concerning the discovery of gateways of hell. Some set pieces work really well (a recurring, haunting and haunted blind girl particularly burns to the retina) as some inevitably fall flat (a librarian devoured by strangely pipecleaner-esque tarantulas - for absolutely ages) but the all-round atmosphere is uncomfortably gooey and visceral, added to by the sweaty bayou backdrop. Fulci favourite Catriona MacColl and nearly-Bond David Warbeck are attractive, effective leads and the ending - including a disturbing, utterly bleak vision of purgatory that was a clear anticident of Lars Von Trier's 'Antichrist' - is one of my all-time favourite closing gambits.