Bad Santa

Bad Santa

A miserable conman and his partner pose as Santa and his Little Helper to rob department stores on Christmas Eve. But they run into problems when the conman befriends a troubled kid, and the security boss discovers the plot.

A con man and a thief named Willie T. Stokes teams up with his midget friend Marcus to play Santa and his elf at a shopping mall to crack mall security and rob stores blind just before Christmas. But they run into problems when the conman befriends a troubled kid, and the security boss discovers the plot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bad Santa torrent reviews

Campbell P (es) wrote: Pretty good! I think it's second best. A-

Gergely K (au) wrote: Ez m (C)g Full Moon filmk (C)nt is bntan rossz volt.

Evan S (de) wrote: Seriously? Wonder how many jiggling boobies there will be in this...

Sean D (ca) wrote: The 2nd outing of death, 3 years later in the real world but only 1 year later in the plot, this film is a direct sequel to the first and continuously referenced the original film. It's fairly important to watch the original before this is watched, it's not needed. But it definitely makes for a much better and enjoyable film. Some things are particularly interesting in this film, like the way to end the cycle of death and involving the sole survivor from the first film. The ending is fairly confusing. The film is very enjoyable, and as usual the only reoccurring character, Tony Todd nails his role.

Brock B (it) wrote: The director(TM)s last work, released in 1993 is much more contemplative. Four students seek to give back to a professor who taught them many lessons inside and outside the classroom. When the film begins, the students are young and the professor has recently retired. He loses his home in an air-raid so they decide to organize a banquet in his honour and build him and his wife a new house. As the film progresses, the professor ages and the four students progress in the business world. Although the professor is older, he remains enthusiastic and cheerful, except during a brief period after his cat ran away. Madadayo? means Not Yet,? a alluding to the youthful game of hide and seek and the final moment when the professor will be asked Ready?? and will be prepared to say yes. It is a slow film. Given how much Kursosawa inspired George Lucas, it is perhaps only fitting that he use a Yoda-like protagonist in his final film. Kurosawa(TM)s touch can be seen in some of the camera angles and the combination of humour and sadness. Vivaldi(TM)s Four Seasons (Spring) is used as the soundtrack and along with Kurosawa(TM)s hand it shows the passing of time over many years. The film adapts the writings of Hyakken Uchida and asks the questions What do we contribute to others?? and How can we thank those who have helped us??

Nicolas B (ca) wrote: Solid mafia movie. Warren Beatty is brilliant in some scenes and in other scenes he's just overacting. Entertaining in its whole running time.

misty j (it) wrote: does this ever get old, no i think not

Daniel R (es) wrote: War veteran rescues a woman's farm from an evil neighbor in this action drama.

Lyndon G (br) wrote: This is a nice movie that introduced me to Eric Rohmer. It is not particularly remarkable to me except that it has heavy zeitgeist--you can see that this is the sort of movie they were making in Europe in the early seventies, the kind of movie that was well-reviewed and thought artful and now thought a little dated. But what is "dated" is to me often more interesting for that reason. I always wonder what people mean when they say it, though I suppose I do have an idea, and I translate: "obviously old and I don't like it terribly much, and the two might be connected." This movie is perhaps a little bit dated to me, but I'd like to see more of Eric Rohmer's movies. It does keep my attention and have an emotional effect and convey a moral in a classy sexual sort of way. Dated is an acquired taste.

Chris J (us) wrote: Seriously? Unless you are under 8 years old and have no idea how good stories are developed, character development , or just all around originality do not watch this movie. Yes, it has big actors and modern technology so there are some funny parts and cool CG but unless you also watch Barney on Saturday mornings .... PASS