An Indianized version of the Sherwood Forest legend. King is away, the jaagirdar is a wimp and his henchman loots the poor. Our hero steals from the tyrant and helps the poor and repressed.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Badal torrent reviews

Mike B (ru) wrote: I'm not sure why this got such low ratings. It's nothing Oscar worthy, but if you liked the first one, you'll like this. Funny, crude adult humor that only Billy Bob Thornton could pull off.

Liesl E (jp) wrote: While I prefer watching and following men's professional tennis over women's, the Williams sisters are a definite exception and I have always found them fascinating. This is a pleasant enough documentary that covers their meteoric rise in tennis and takes a peek at their private lives. However, I wish the filmmakers had dug a little deeper at finding out what makes these two incredible athletes tick.

Jay P (it) wrote: Freaking awesome idea! Sci-fi at its finest. Well except that the movie sucked due to poor acting, crap script and horible delivery. Yeah.

victor l (jp) wrote: Danielle Steel's screen adaptations are always cheap and worse than the novels, this straight-to-DVD film wasn't the exception. Melissa Gilbert performs with one of the worst accents I've heard in my whole life. I mean, I never believed she was french and I'm pretty sure that neither did she believe it. The story is completely formulaic and follows exactly the same patterns Steele has used a thousand times before.

Jake P (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies

Deepak S (ca) wrote: Fun but perplexing it a screwball comedy (with a manic performance from the late, great Rik Mayall), or a commentary on the long-term effects of childhood emotional abuse (the sweet but psychologically damaged Phoebe Cates)?

cli o (jp) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

John O (gb) wrote: What is this thing, Monster demon whatever it is its terrifyingAs horror fan you have to see a movie for a name of a movie or the poster I don't watch the trailers as it gives stuff away so I went into this movie for the poster it looked interesting boy was I right Wow what a great movie People have been telling me you should watch this it's scary and you will love it thanks guys I did enjoy it but it didn't scar me at all I found it more supernatural then horror but that's me Plot great story which had been done plenty of times but this version worked (no spoilers)Casting was great and believable Special / visual effects and make up were great I enjoyed the adventure and the suspense and it keep you guessing when this thing was going to show up and what it was going to do next Bring on Jeeper Creeepers 2

Hina A (ca) wrote: this was a star studded movie with a gripping plot

Jo D (ca) wrote: As someone who was once snuck into studio 54 at 13 with a friends who's brother was a VIP there I found this movie interesting. I was so young I still remember that night, the line outside, the music performer on stage that night, the packed dance floor and the strange man dancing & smoking a joint that scared my friend and I so that we ran right back to the VIP area where we felt safe and stayed all night. I was so young at the time to know what really went on at the club and have since then only heard stories so I really appreciated seeing this film.