• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mistress,   suicide,   police,  

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Badha torrent reviews

Niels S (gb) wrote: Glimrende filmatisering af Stephen King-historie af danske Mikael Salomon. Plottet er okay og kulrt p den fede mde, men det rigtig seje er, at det mske for frste gang er lykkedes nogen at fange de absurde fantasier, der tit foregr i hovedpersonens hoved i Kings litterre univers. Cinematografien er selvsagt sublim.

Joseph R (fr) wrote: a movie based on a gimmicky song ... damn.

Sara M (it) wrote: This cracked me up! It cheered me up when I'm feeling down!

Sean N (nl) wrote: What weighs this down is the lack of direction right after the great, great opening. It just becomes too uninteresting and doesn't reach any of its full potential.

Shane H (fr) wrote: A movie about leaving everything you know emotionally and finding yourself in a new place.

Agnes F (nl) wrote: An undiscovered pearl of the great '70s.

Stephanie W (us) wrote: You might be curious as me to see this one on account of the names Shelley Winters, Bruce Dern, and of course a very young Robert De Niro. Young Robert De Niro hooked me, he played a pretty good southerner. It's hard to explain why the movie itself was so bad. It lacked any quality that might hold the attention of it's audience. There can be something said about seeing the Rotten Tomato score prior to watching a movie and expectation influencing opinion. If I watched it again with a different attitude I might like it better.

Evan H (ru) wrote: Such a wonderful movie filled with excellent performances!

Johnny F (ru) wrote: King of the monster films... Dated as it is, simply an outstanding presentation. Check out the original Japanese version to enjoy the story as presented before the "Americanization"

Stefanie R (us) wrote: Another great musical with magnificent numbers and performances.

Clayton D (de) wrote: One helluva charming movie; the French really know how to romanticize.

Bill J (ca) wrote: This is essentially a movie about a small business owner trying to overcome a lot of bad luck. A key to the movie is supposedly that owner is an immigrant from Latin America but even after watching the movie 2x I never saw any hint that he's from Latin America. He doesn't speak with an accent. He does not talk to his brother in Spanish. He has a worker who is a believable immigrant but he does not speak to him in Spanish. Yes, he carries on a 5 min conversation with someone in Spanish but maybe he's just smart (which how he's portrayed in the movie). Up to the very end of the movie, I assumed he was Italian. Plot should have been set better and it would have Mae more sense.

Calvin R (es) wrote: All Hallows' Eve is a fair 80's throwback horror anthology. However, the execution was weak. Out of the three stories the last one was probably the best, but does not saying much. Despite of that the film was dull and not creative.