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A surreal comedy depicting a diverse cast of characters and the changes they undergo as the German tourist Jasmin interacts with each of them at a remote truck stop in the middle of the Mojave desert.

A lonely German woman ends up in the most desolate motel on Earth and decides to make it brighter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin P (it) wrote: Het is moeilijk uit te vinden wat Joshy precies wilden bereiken met zware onderwerpen als rouwen en vergeving, maar daarvoor krijgen we te weinig tijd met dit personage, waardoor we vast zitten met een groep ietwat overdreven irritante vrienden, die de interessante ideen van Joshy totaal aan de kant schuiven.

Chris P (br) wrote: If the point of the movie was to make me wish everyone in it died horribly, then mission accomplished.

Kalli S (gb) wrote: First and foremost, why is Jesse Eisenberg even considered the star of this film? You see him for about 5 minutes the entire movie. The story's terrible, the effects are crap, the acting's lame, it's anticlimactic, and there's a priest who's obsessed with masturbating. The only good thing about this movie? The End.

Ed D (br) wrote: I'm not Jack Black's biggest fan, but I'd have killed to have seen a bit more of him in this movie. It's like his relationship with Kate Winslet was thrust aside for the apparent main event that is Jude "smug faced twat" Law and Cameron Diaz. The problem with this movie is the sheer predictability of everything. For example, early in the movie, Diaz' character states that she has never cried once in her life. Oh, you know what's coming up. The back of this DVD said "Bridget Hones without the big pants". I assumed this was a sexy, clothes-free affair. To my horror I found it was a lot like Bridget Jones, only this time there were TWO whiny females, both of which wear tops in bed. 1 second cameo from Dustin Hoffman the only highlight tbh.

Jeshwanth P (de) wrote: Very sad and boring movie..... But cast was superb!!!

April N (ag) wrote: Wonderful movie! Uplifting....reminds me of the breakdance battles before gang-banging took over completely. There is hope for the future!!

Santosh S (us) wrote: So awesome, yet so simple. Reminds me of Satyajit Ray's films. Watch it before you bid adieu to this world.

Mina E (ru) wrote: Sometimes disturbing and interesting, but most of the time nonsense and silly.

Tom H (de) wrote: pretty good film about a guy(travolta) going nuts in a bank and attracting the attention of Dustin Hoffman who happens to be a reporter. great acting and good story.

Tuba M (de) wrote: Billy Crystal is freakin funny... loved seeing some of the 90s NBA players... sometimes if you are better together, altho not perfect, its still worth fighting for...

Michael J (jp) wrote: I spotted this late at night and couldn't take my eyes off it. It's loaded with charm.

JeanMichel D (de) wrote: Jeanne Moreau est sublime!

Claire E (kr) wrote: Fabulous! and funny!

Mike W (fr) wrote: Laughed so hard I cried in this movie but also lots of life's hard truths woven through this film in a wonderful way. Loved it!

Rangan R (ru) wrote: A tale of friendship that blossomed at the final juncture.It was quite some time I have not seen any Hilary Swank's movie. In this her role was very good one. Beside her's, another equally extended character played by Emma Rossum. As these two play the roles that defines the movie, which is more like the American and women's version of the French movie 'Intouchable'. I never heard of this film before, but got interested once I learnt about the storyline and of course the cast.I usually become a prey for tearjerker movies, but not for the intense emotional drama like this one and so it is won't expect you fall for it either. Based on the book of the same name which was probably a fictional work inspired by the real disease. It talks about a 36 year old ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) patient, Kate and her caregiver, Bec, especially their unlikely relationship and activities together in the final days. They two are exactly opposite, it's not the fate, but day by day growing their deep bond bring them very close when they share everything in life.A very good concept, but nothing new in the movie. Everything is already exhibited in other films. The only advantage is if you have not seen those in a large number. In my case, I like this kind of theme, so seen numerous in different languages. You are going to witness here a parallel storytelling in a different context with a fresh cast. But still the movie is captivating, because of excellent execution from both the cast and crew."Why is it that we want the ones that don't see us.Instead of the ones that do."The let down was the rest of the characters. I don't know where they were, but totally discarded. It is understood that the husband and wife relationship was shattered because of the sacrifice. Friends and Parents, they have got ditched from the screenplay that won't happen in reality. The writers should have used them to create more sensational moments, but they had a different idea in mind to narrate the story. In a couple of places I felt Rossum had over-performed. In other hand, Swank was kind of attractive. I consider it a plus point to fix our face towards the screen, unfortunately she played a tragic role.Despite all the good and bad, it was one step ahead for both the lead women to get back to their positions as an actress, compared to their recent years form in the industry. It is not a popular movie, but it should have been. A movie about how to build a friendship and to fight a disease. A friendship that blossomed at the final juncture, nevertheless it fought hard till the last minute. That is the major difference in this film to others. Like I complained earlier, there's no parents or husband, all about told from the perspective of a friendship. If you want to try this, don't anticipate to a greater height and clear your mind before entering. Expectations are the major cause for all the disappointments.7/10

Joanne L (jp) wrote: Good. Beautifully directed with great cinematography. A buddy movie without any Hollywood hyperdrama. Bad: A survivalist movie written by someone who actually believes that Bear Grills knows anything about survival. Sort of an adult Lord of the Flies, supposedly based on true events but nothing I have read so far says that is true. Simple message. No matter where ya go, there ya are.