Set in the immediate summer after the events of the first movie, and deals with more of the guys' misadventures as they prepare for college.

Experiencing the forbidden. Experiencing rejection. Hating your parents. Hating the world around you. Discovering what's hot. Discovering what's cool. Discovering your first true love. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sabella D (br) wrote: This little gem of a movie managed to capture the feel of Lovecraft's world in a way that I have seen practically nowhere else (and this is coming from a girl with the Yellow Sign tattooed on her back). I absolutely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Lovecraft's vision. It is a haunting, darkly beautiful movie (and yes, Tori Spelling appears in it - she gives a surprisingly unsettling performance) which touches on many of Lovecraft's themes; the pull of "family" ties that we cannot escape,the sense that there is no escaping - no shutting the door of the universe once it has been opened and we have peeked through, the feeling of just how tenuous - how fragile - human life and sanity is, how easily the world could slip into chaos, blood, and fire if the stars ever align properly. LOVED this movie!

Mike P (gb) wrote: Favela Rising, winner of 35 international film awards, tells the story of how one 'favela' or 'clan' within the hillside slum villages of Brazil, instead of playing the CIA-funded drug and guns game, just stopped playing by the corporate rules. They set their favela free from omnipotent drug lords and commiting crime for drug money and indulging in random death for no real cause by investing their time and energy in their own brand of Affro Reggae musical inspiration. They found their soul and shared it with the human beings in neighbouring favelas. And this proves that that's how easy it is to EVOLVE mankind to a higher state. Forget the lure of profit. Forget the corporate dogma. Forget the hatred of others. You The People are more than wage slaves and deserve a better life on this FREE PLANET, and only seven billion people working together can bring about this change and nullify the insidious corporate influence in our once-free lives.

Michael A (jp) wrote: Probably the strangest weirdest fucking movie I have ever seen..too bad it's unoriginal..Luke a young man with a genetic disorder discovers he can swap sexs when aroused,which complicates matters when he falls in love...Anyone who knows the manga comic Ranma has seen this all before so there isn't anything new here,and what could be a really funny movie is just dull.

Richard R (us) wrote: Warm, friendly and funny this is one for the family for definite. With memorable moments throughout, there's just something engaging about Robin William's performance as a Scottish nanny.

Adam T (us) wrote: I didn't know this was by Savage Steve Holland until just now when I came to review it and saw it on the page. But that makes sense. It's just as good and warmly charming (cheesy) as Better Off Dead.

James M (br) wrote: A remarkable film. Beautiful scenery and brilliant acting from everyone involved.

Jonathan B (fr) wrote: Ahhh, bonkers Ken Russell. You have to love his excess and flamboyance. There was no one else quite like him. Here he turned his attention to the theatre musical and Busby Berkeley choreography. The plot is a spin on the Sandy Wilson musical, setting it in a run down flea pit of a theatre in the 1920s where the assistant stage manager, Polly is called on to take the show's lead when the star breaks her leg. It is a fairly corny rags to riches story but it is elevated to a delightful confection by the sheer exuberance of the production. The cast is headed by Twiggy who is brilliant as Polly. She has a vulnerability and fragility that is perfect in the role. The male lead of Tony is played Christopher Gable who is perfectly matched with Twiggy and is utterly disarming. The supporting cast is a crazy mix of British acting stalwarts including Barbara Windsor, Glenda Jackson, Murray Melvin, Georgina Hale, Brian Murphy and Vladek Shybal all of whom are marvellously over the top and larger than life. There are some great musical numbers such as It's Never Too Late To Fall In Love, I Could Be Happy With You, Nicer In Nice and Room In Bloomsbury, all given the Russell treatment making them both hilarious and unforgettable. This film just works on so many levels and is sure to give the viewer a warm glow of nostalgia as well as plenty of giggles. It is naughty, cheeky and delicious and quite possibly one of my favourite movie musicals. As an introduction to Russell's work, The Boy Friend is a good place to start, giving a free rein to his audacity without the sinister aspects of some of his other works. He was a true British genius and this movie is a fitting memorial.