Four actors go to a cabin in the woods to write, direct, and act in a film that will jump-start their careers. Their idea is a horror film about a man with a bag over his head, but what happens when that man mysteriously shows up?

Four struggling actors retreat to a cabin in Big Bear, California in order to write a screenplay that will make them all stars. Problem is: What happens when their story idea -- a horror flick about a group of friends tormented by a villain with a bag over his head -- starts to come true? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin C (nl) wrote: Movie night with Iris.Although a long-time fan of Loach, i came to this convinced it would be a party political broadcast and little more. I was wrong. This was up there with Loach's angry best.The relationship between Daniel and Katie (and her offspring) is genuinely touching. The letterbox scene had me in tears. But there is an unbelievable sequence at the food bank, which ranks as one of the greatest in British film history. I will give no spoilers, but you see human life at it's hungry, desperate lowest ebb. A shattering scene.

Mai M (jp) wrote: it's a good movie visually.. but i was really dettached from acting , script, .. and the whole story was a bit boring

Ellen G (ru) wrote: Koselig familiefilm...(men er det ikke paa tide at noen skyter de unge Baldwin gutta??? De kan jo ikke spille...grr)

Thomas B (it) wrote: A fun movie with a lot of nostalgia in it.

Jay Z (au) wrote: Halloween 6 is probably one of the worst movies that exists. Somehow, it manages to make almost no sense throughout the whole movie. It's so bad that it's not even scary, in fact, it's laughable; like Halloween 5, only worse. There's nothing good at all about this movie. It just doesn't make sense. There's barely a story, no emotion in any of the characters, no character motives, no nothing. The characters are the way they are, just because. What happens, happens just because. And, finally, the movie was made, just because.

Aviva D (es) wrote: I remember taping this as a young teen and watching it over and over again.

Joetaeb D (nl) wrote: Michael Jackson's Thriller music video earns it's place an immortal classic showcasing actual frightening 80's horror, superb makeup effects and iconic choreography.

Nick W (ag) wrote: Not the best clint eastwood western but still pretty good.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: If you see my wife...don't tell her it was like this!A small squadron of GIs are asked to hold a pass from a group of incoming German troops. Morale is low because the troops anticipated going home and matters aren't helped by a rebellious soldier being added to the group. The German infantry are in greater numbers then they anticipate and the soldiers will have to decide to follow leadership or the rebel. The rebel's plan seems like their only hope for survival. "He had a great system, Sarge; he just never worried about anything."Don Siegel, director of Dirty Harry, Escape from Alcatraz, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), The Shootist, No Time for Flowers, and The Verdict, delivers Hell is for Heroes. The storyline for this picture is better than average and fun to watch unfold. The script was okay and the character development was better than average. The cast delivers good performances and includes Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Bob Newhart, Bobby Darin, Fess Parker, and Harry Guardino. "He wouldn't.""Wanna bet?"I came across this on Netflix and had to give this Steve McQueen picture a viewing (I'm a fan of his work). Overall, this was very average and just okay, but the character interactions were solid and the end was very intense and fun to watch unfold. I would recommend giving this a viewing but I did not feel it was a classic."That's what makes a good soldier, you're very observant."Grade: B-

Keith S (ca) wrote: fun and interesting idea, a bit 2 dimensional in the story telling though

Adam R (fr) wrote: Not actually. There are too many characters and unrelated plot lines that lose your interest. It doesn't really have the charm it thinks it does, and is not really a Christmas movie. (First and only viewing - 1/30/2017)

karl 1 (ag) wrote: Based on a true story on how two sisters plot to kill their mother. intruging but full of holes..It was far to predictable but is worth a look.

Ashley K (jp) wrote: A little too much of a chick movie for me to rate this one higher. I didn't cry. I swear.