Bahaar Aane Tak

Bahaar Aane Tak


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Bahaar Aane Tak torrent reviews

Joe M (us) wrote: Spoiler Alert! Great special effects and animation but a major tear jerker. The travails of a young boy coping with his anger and sadness - and absolutely relentless in showing it. Definitely NOT for young children.

Irvin C (kr) wrote: This film is quite shockingly relevant to this day. Bette Davis is the star and she's magnificent as one of the very devious, corrupt and money-hungry members of a rich family from the South but the rest of the ensemble particularly Herbert Marshall match up to her acting-wise. This would definitely rank as one of the best films on the American South.

Matt G (fr) wrote: It's easy to write these movies off...they are uncomfortably sexual, the songs are embarrassing, they're WAY too long, and the dumb melodrama next to the stale bubble gum are laughable in all the wrong ways. HOWEVER, they aren't without they're positives: the choreography is mildly fun and Efron is undeniably charismatic and talented. Does it have moments of being a guilty pleasure? I hate to admit it, but...yes. HOWEVER, is this TV sequel actually good? No.

EQ R (it) wrote: It's good to see Keaton take on a new genre of film, unfortunately the performance he admittedly "phoned in" doesn't help the weak script take off in the direction it could have went under a better script/screenplay. Avoid unless routine PG-13 horrors are your thing.

Tino R (br) wrote: The 9 year old in me still loves this lol.

Sam W (es) wrote: heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Top stuff

ray r (ag) wrote: Good movie but not a great movie. I loved it as a kid but I think that may have more to do with Julie Delphy than the plot which at times is fairly weak. Still its a stylish and different kind of bank heist movie and isnt boring. Worth watching for Julie Delphy alone. What a babe.

hello b (br) wrote: film me ipreferuar shihni se sben ic imir seshten hahhahhahahha

Jacob D (br) wrote: A fine comedy with a few laughs and a couple funny performances.

Ben C (us) wrote: Reese Witherspoon is on FIRE in this smart, pretty in pink, chick flick.

Mary B (es) wrote: Great cast but slow and only a little funny.

Andrew B (ca) wrote: Parts are admirably dark and edgy for a christmas film, while others are so tonally jumbled it's honestly hard to tell if they're trying to be funny or honestly heartfelt.However I still can't entirely dismiss a Christmas movie where an alcoholic Bobcat Goldthwait tries to gun down an equally smashed Bill Murray before the Ghost of Christmas Future transport's them to a David Cronenberg future.