Bahia de Todos os Sambas

Bahia de Todos os Sambas

The greatest stars of music from the state of Bahia, Brazil, got together in an unforgettable musical event in Termas de Caracalla, Rome, between 21 and 31 August 1983. In adition to the ...

The greatest stars of music from the state of Bahia, Brazil, got together in an unforgettable musical event in Termas de Caracalla, Rome, between 21 and 31 August 1983. In adition to the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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I dont know w (kr) wrote: Only release because of the death of Steve Jobs. Cheap marketing... It sucks.

Chucky (kr) wrote: December 31st 2012July 18th 2014January 25th 2017

Kenneth E (it) wrote: This is one of the better "talking dog" movies I've seen; it is certainly better than Cats & Dogs and its sequel. However, aspects of the plot and the "family before work" theme seems reused, and had been done better by many family films in the past couple decades. I was amazed by how well-trained many of the animals were; while its overreliance on CGI was unnecessary in some parts, many of the effects surprised me for a film this low-key.

David G (ru) wrote: What a boring film! Wayyy to long to start and you pay that at the end, didn't feel the "thriller theme". The end is so ridiculous that the only feeling you have is "why did I waste much time for this film?!!"

Corey C (nl) wrote: I just realized I hadn't reviewed this, and I think it's because it's only a marginal improvement -- if that -- over the first movie. Overall, it's an interesting project, but ultimately not a success. Its distance robs its subject of whatever made him interesting and worthy of a film in the first place.

Cheryl L (ag) wrote: Really unrealistic, and I began to find the characters quite annoying before the end if the movie.

Sean C (it) wrote: A very good film that portrays the broken soul of a man trying to do what his father wasn't able to provide for him; ultimately turning out just like his dad (maybe worse) and an overall great screenplay that goes very deep w/ a lot of AFFLICTION. Nolte provides the punch that it takes to portray this lost man and his helped out by Coburn portraying his very stubborn and influential dad. Pretty good in the technical department; ranging from the filming that shows the darkness of the film to the score that varied all of the emotions or the film (i.e. Suspense, mystery, confusion, and anger). If anything it needs to work on the sound mixing, that's about it. High 4 1/2 for me.

Mark K (ca) wrote: The subsequent movies stray from the original story, but are still good movies.

Leigh C (jp) wrote: One of the best movies ever!

Leandra M (fr) wrote: I absolutely love this movie... it will always be one of my all time favorites!

Michael S (fr) wrote: This movie was a lot better than I was expecting. It has its fair share of issues particularly the somewhat silly dialogue in certain parts. The overall story is a lot less conventional than one might expect as it's essentially a science fiction-romance-road film. Quite good, and a strange turn for John Carpenter.

Deke P (jp) wrote: Want to see it, cuz Nolte wrote: ""I didn't know the big son of a bitch could act!" That was director John Ford's reaction after seeing his longtime protg John Wayne assume the role of the villain in Howard Hawks' masterful "Red River." Wayne is Tom Dunson, a hard man risking his life's work along the Chisholm Trail. Faced with losing his humanity or his cattle, Dunson makes the kind of choices that turn his own adopted son (Montgomery Clift) against him.By 1948, Wayne had already delivered a half-dozen terrific performances. The real revelation here is Clift, whose masculine beauty and shattering starpower hold the screen with Wayne like few others had or ever would.Dimitri Tomkin's score lifts what was already a masterpiece into something ethereal."

Jacob B (fr) wrote: One of Adam Sandler's more weaker films in my opinion even though I am a fan of his work, Blended is intermittently funny and Sandler and Drew Barrymore show once again following The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates that they have a reasonable amount of chemistry but it sadly doesn't make good use of its premise and lacks the charm of some of Sandler's far superior movies.

Fernando H (ca) wrote: Super clasico de los 80s

Barry C (fr) wrote: GREAT movie! (Monsters Inc. is a little better) I love animated films ??

Simon D (es) wrote: I always expected this series of films to be terrible. I'd never seen Chris Tucker before and nearly turned it off when he started talking but I stuck with it and it turned out to be quite entertaining. The culture clash of the misfit partnership was amusing and probably has a long way to go before that it exhausted.

Jonathan B (de) wrote: Well, yes, 2 stars is perhaps a little unfair as I actually did (secretly) quite enjoy this movie but if you see the movie poster, you kind of know everything you need to know. If I'm honest, I couldn't understand a word Sylvester Stallone said the entire way through it and that probably counted in its favour. The plot is complete pantomime to the point that I wouldn't have been surprised had Eric Roberts appeared with a flash and cloud of green smoke and proceed to tie the token female to some train tracks. There are a lot of explosions, some fairly pointless running around, some hideously clichd portrayals of South Americans, probably a huge number of inaudible swear words and a hideous amount of knife based violence. The movie certainly doesn't add anything to the medium but really just serves to swell the coffers of the ageing action-hero hip replacement fund. They're all in it. Even Dolph Lundgren who plays some kind of homicidal maniac that goes on the most inexplicable story arc throughout the film. There is one little chink, one shining example of brilliance, that actually pulled me up momentarily, provided by Mickey Rourke. He gives one speech in a small scene that really shows what a fine actor this man is and highlights how wasted he is in this kind of drivel. They've squeezed two further sequels out of this format. I shudder to think...but I expect on a sleepless night, when there's no new episodes of The Great British Bake Off to catch up on, I'll be tempted to see just how bad this series can get.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: Bob Hoskins creates a terrifying character in this gangster classic--Classic,if not prophetic British Gangster Thriller!!

Tyler H (ru) wrote: Wonderful movie! A true and honorable representation of life in a small town. Beautiful scenery and talented cast! See the movie, read the book, then visit the town! You won't regret it.