Bahia de Todos os Santos

Bahia de Todos os Santos


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gay interest,  

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Bahia de Todos os Santos torrent reviews

andrew t (jp) wrote: Decent acting goes down with the ship of bad writing. Were it not for some obvious holes in the script, it would have been a simple revenge movie. Instead it devolves into a bad revenge toilet-flush. Not exactly a date movie.

Matthew M (de) wrote: creapy, quiet, slow.

Francis M (ca) wrote: An excellent performance from Brody,and some insightful moments in the script, but seriously the rest is a failed cocktail or poor direction, arty pointless photography and extra baggage of meaningless characters only added to prove the Directors depressed mind set. The story is excellent hence worth to see it from an arm length. Could have been superb.

Jessica H (us) wrote: I liked the premise of the movie, in that a man seemingly out of Marisa's league would want to be with her (an underdog type move). But that is the extent of my liking this movie. Let me begin...First off, and this is my preference, is that Jennifer Lopez isn't much of an actress and her acting distracts me greatly. I see Jen, I dont see Marisa or the character she is suppose to play. She is just way too Jen.Secondly Ralph F, who plays the politician who falls in love with her just seems devoid of any emotion. He can not portray what he is feeling all too well, I think. That distracted me also, how bland he seemed.Thirdly, they didn't seem to mesh well, the love interests. They did not have much chemistry.Lastly, the way they met seemed way too forced and unnatural. I know she is a maid, I know she cleans rooms, I know I know, but she giving into to peer pressure and wearing a guest's coat in their own room? I wasn't feeling that at all. She is a grown, responsible, working woman in a prestigious hotel, and she listens to her coworker/friend (who is greatly annoying I think) to wear and touch people's things. It seems out of line and not realistic. Ay other way I think would have made her meeting the politician more affective.A bright spot in the movie is Marisa's son Ty. The child who plays him is very adorable and memorable, though I don't think he is an amazing actor either. But he has great potential I think and has years ahead of him to refine his raw talent. Also, I feel the world they were in was way too small, like it was only Marisa and Chris, and whatever they did seemed of no affect to the outside world. If there was more outside scenes, more extras who pointed them out, more outside world interaction, the secret relationship would seem more scandalous, more important, more affective. But, it seemed, small and introverted. The supporting cast I think filled the roles pretty well. I would not really watch this movie again, although I wish I did, especially if they reworked it with the things I pointed out and perhaps different actors and actresses to fit the roles (no Jen or Ralph, sorry.)

Sam R (nl) wrote: Not exceptional, but not near as bad as people will have you to think. It's a very touching story about a dad's love for his daughter (and features a wonderful turn by George Carlin)

Michael C (es) wrote: Dark gangster it

Dave S (ag) wrote: I'm probably unduly fascinated with movies like this, semi-forgotten not because they're particularly bad but because there's nothing terribly exceptional about them. That's not to say that there aren't rewards in rediscovering the middle of the road - I'm totally glad I got to see Justine Bateman's spastic cowbell dance and her Elvis Costello cover. Also, Britta Phillips is really fun here, essentially playing Melody from Josie and the Pussycats if she'd been allowed to be an overt stoner instead of simply coded as spacey; an extended scene of her talking to a dog (and asking if it's a narc) is underplayed nicely. So this is fun even aside from the "before they were stars" and "whatever happened to..." moments (Julia Roberts and Trini Alvarado, respectively). Just ignore the odd attempts to establish some kind of rebellious street cred for the main band members, all of which gets shot early on when they do an impromptu, acoustic rendition of "Iko Iko" with Roberts blowing into a champagne bottle like she's in a jug band.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Greed is good. A good representation of the excess of the 80s. Oliver Stone really brings out the best of Charlie Sheen...

Kevin T (ca) wrote: low budget, no doubt direct to video film which could have benefited from tighter direction. There are however some nice pastoral shots and some decent acting.

MF J (nl) wrote: an interesting new take on the old story of the invisible man. This time Netherland Director Paul Verhoeven directs a nervous, intense thriller about a man completely obsessed by the power he gains from his invisibility. An interesting retelling & a great cast make this film a solid entertainment.

Greg B (es) wrote: Typical, enjoyable western for those who enjoy watching westerns. And I enjoy watching westerns.

Brett M (ag) wrote: The beauty of working in a movie theater is that you get the pleasure of sometimes seeing movies a few days before the release. This being one of them. I'd gladly see it again. Very, very funny. It was awesome to see, once again, a few Freaks & Geeks cameos.