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Bajland torrent reviews

Thomas K (de) wrote: I will see it as soon as possible as I think his work is terrific.

Gregor D (ag) wrote: More sad than funny. Characterers and plots that seemed to be fresh and interesting turned out to be shallow at the end. First 30 minutes were great, the rest is just a downfall and psychosis of main character.

Khrist W (kr) wrote: The title should be CITY UNDER CLOWN SIEGE!Aaron Kwok is playing a ridiculous clown from the beginning to the end of the movie. The drama, the plot, the action are not well connected!Don't watch this movie!

Derek B (es) wrote: Sitting through the entire movie was one of the most challenging experiences in my life.

Jen M (us) wrote: Another great Michael J. Fox movie! Ages 12+

Justin D (ru) wrote: Interesting 60s psychedelic movie with a soundtrack by Pink Floyd. At times it drags but overall it has an interesting feel. There is also a very funny Don Quixote reference at one point. This movie seems to capture the era it portrays pretty well, albeit probably a bit at the more extreme end. Overall this movie is worth a watch especially if you are interested in the 60s.

Jessica D (au) wrote: never seen this one but i want to lol i seen the newer one tho

Jamie C (nl) wrote: Typical teenage slasher/horror film nothing new and just about watchable.