Bajo California: El límite del tiempo

Bajo California: El límite del tiempo


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Bajo California: El límite del tiempo torrent reviews

tanja n (mx) wrote: The movie was ok but the guys in this movie was hot! :)

Kristofer S (br) wrote: Man I love the IP Man movies! I think this one might be just a tad better than the first and the first one blew me away!

Jamie C (au) wrote: Didn't like it as much as his other films, The story is a little boring and not enough action, A little silly in places but I love my zombie films that's why my rating is as high as it is.

Faisal M (ca) wrote: surpringly a really nice movie and val kilmer acted really well

Trenten D (ru) wrote: It had a good point, yet how do you know the people who made this movie didn't just hire people to do all the voices.

Patrick W (br) wrote: I liked this. Nice and creepy. The synopsis is inaccurate, though. He doesn't put her in the freezer until near the end, and that's to hide her from her sister when she comes looking. This, of course, after the corpse is stolen and raped by a gross homeless guy.

Andrew M (ca) wrote: Little Man tries to go for a funny movie. It somewhat gets to be funny, but not really. The trailer of this movie looked good, but when you see it it isn't as good. But, if you liked White Chicks you might like this movie. I wouldn't really suggest this movie.

Thomas H (ru) wrote: Very interesting and beautiful scenery. It's the only good movie I have seen in science class.

Deena M (ru) wrote: hahah I love these type of movies

Suy C (kr) wrote: this sounded badass enough in the description, but holy shit... such a good movie, and amazing that it's a true story. Bear Grylls has nothing on this badass mofo. wow.

Kate S (ru) wrote: Good movie, but doesn't compare to the other two.

Graham H (ca) wrote: Josh Brolin used to look like a pig.

Joseph R (us) wrote: Awesome movie with very good acting performances and a great plot, solid all around

Jose V (ru) wrote: I was reading through my Reviews, when I realized that not only have I NOT graced the Profile with a Review of a Cuban Film --- but, I don't have anything by TOMAS GUTIERREZ ALEA even referenced. What was I thinking?!?! I should be thrashed!!!!! For MEMORIES is that rare Film that Enlightens as it Entertains. An examination of the Cuban Bourgeois in his native habitat --- and the changes he must make if He chooses to remain there. An extraordinary viewing experience which will linger for months afterwards. Recommended without reservation.

Scott W (br) wrote: Enjoyable hokum about a small group who have survived atomic armageddon in a valley protected by lead deposits. Paul Birch and Richard Denning are square jawed and rational about the future while a mutated three eyed rubber creature that looks rather like Roger Delgado stalks Lori Nelson as she swims.

Bobby D (ru) wrote: would have been better as a short Saturday night live skit

Scott R (us) wrote: more of a history lesson than a movie