Katrien (CheriƩ van der Merwe) is dumped by her boyfriend, high school rugby star Werner (Altus Theart), so he can focus his energy on the sport. To get even, she makes a bet with her friends that she can make a star out of the school's dorkiest boy, 'Wimpie' Koekemoer (Ivan Botha), by pretending to be his girlfriend. The awkward Koekemoer rises to the challenge but Katrien finds herself falling unexpectedly in love with him, until he realizes she is merely using him.

Wimpie Koekemoer - the biggest geek in school. He is constantly embarrassed by his conservative mother and his strange father, especially in front of girls. Wimpie dreams of being popular. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron M (jp) wrote: Brightened by the presence of Julianne Moore, The Forgotten begins with genuine curiosity but an out-of-left field explanation makes any previous well-done effort in vain.

Joshua L (ag) wrote: Saw this opening night on demand because I was excited to see a high school friend in it. Bit part, but she was hilarious and totally nailed it.That aside though, I appreciated a lot about this movie. The dialogue generally and the banter between the guys in particular was spot on. There were some killer moments in the script. I also really appreciated the coming together message, This wasn't about these guys running off and cheating, or even really doing stupid things that should lead to a break up with their wives; it was clear throughout that there was a genuine interest in saving the troubled marriages, and that's not entirely common these days. It's an important message because we're often led to believe the grass is greener, and it rarely is.That said, there were some quirks about this film that took it down a notch or two for me, and it was mostly in either the script or the editing - hard to know for sure. While the dialogue was fantastic, the scenes felt a little jumbled together. Almost every scene was important, but at least once it cut from one night to the next night when I felt there should have been something inbetween. I was left feeling that it could have been more graceful in the flow. There were two scenes in particular that were totally out of place and while they differentiated this movie from every other romcom, I'm not sure they should have been in there. Both involved old people, and if you've seen it, you probably know what I'm talking about.Overall, can't rate it a 10, but I would and will buy this for the underlying message, to see my friend, and for a fdecent handful of good laughs.

Martin T (ag) wrote: Paper Heart is an enjoyable mockumtary about Charlyne Yi who interviews couples and people around the world about what love is to them. While Michael Cera falls for Charlyne a bit unnaturally and their relationship pushes forward a little too quickly, the movie is still enjoyable and cute.

Rob M (de) wrote: Another very realistic movie. I like movies that can be true to life. See this movie. It's touching.

Jonathan W (jp) wrote: This movie made me feel sick to my stomach. It's shockingly realistic and unapologetic about it.

Carl N (mx) wrote: This film is some serious low budget horror/comedy. Its set in an adult ice scream store? Where a masked psycho is killing off the girls who work there. (The girls who wear next to nothing) The death scenes are pretty graphic, its clear to see what they spent most the films money on. The Acting is very poor and is probably the funniest thing in this film. But lets be honest. This doesn't matter as we get the delight of watching Bobbi Billard wearing a bikini for 90 minutes. Oh and of course, the lets spray each other with whipped cream slow motion scene. Which was a particular favourite of mine?

Alex R (kr) wrote: Great Western movie... It's not a Clint film but it was pretty darn good! I love Westerns.

Scott C (ag) wrote: Very unappealing subject matter.

Josephine R (br) wrote: hilarious, a bit boring but oh goll it is hilarious! love it...

PrincesseTiah K (au) wrote: Magnifique! super casting!a fini mal & toc pour ceux qui pensent les films Indiens finissent toujours bien!

Tim S (it) wrote: I'll take a Hal Ashby film over many films I've seen over the years. Shampoo is a fine film, but one that's certainly dated due to not just its style but its subject matter and underlying themes. Everybody gives terrific performances, and the film ends realistically, as opposed to a lesser film that might have gone with something much happier.

Patryk C (es) wrote: Yet another spectacular western collaboration between James Stewart and Anthony Mann. With its action-packed story, Bend of the River is as intense as it is visually breathtaking. It shows the wildest side of the old wild west, while depicting a rather simple, yet thrilling, story, which includes all kids of scams, crooked officials, gunfights, horse chases, burning romance, and a brave gunslinger, played by James Stewart, on top of it. While he remains a mystery until the very end (the director doesn't consciously take sides, in order to intensify the experience), his true nature is revealed in a most impressive finale a western could have.

Sren T (es) wrote: What on earth is Julianne Moore doing in this film? No doubt the worst she's ever starred in - if not the worst film ANYONE has ever starred in.

007 W (ag) wrote: It's a pretty good movie

Kevin M (us) wrote: Should have been better

Jason T (de) wrote: Trainwreck is funnier than something like how to be single but it's still not a great romcom. The movie does have some solid laughs thanks to John Cena and a lot of clever cameos. Unfortunately, the plot is predictable romcom stuff and the sex jokes get old after a while. I'm not really a fan of Amy Schumer either. There's worse romcom comedies out there but there are better ones.