Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?

Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?

An ugly ducking attempts to become desirable.

It tells the story of a brainy ugly duckling girl and on how she turns into someone who's worth loving. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo? torrent reviews

Bruno V (jp) wrote: Liked the storyline of this one , Cool action by Statham again watching this ...with the help of Sly Stallone ! SOMDVD

Joel L (ca) wrote: Stool pigeon, meaning a police informer, is exactly what Nicholas Tse's role is in this movie.If you are not aware, hong kong films are best known for filming police and crime dramas.The story begins with the police using a spy to close down on a group of drug dealers. So when the drug dealers found out that there was a spy, the deal was off and the spy was slashed with knife and beaten terribly. However, the police rushed in and he escaped. The spy now cannot return home or be seen by the gang anymore or else he'll be beaten up again. Therefore, he turned into a beggar and have this past traumatic beaten up scene always keeping him in fear psychologically.Nicholas Tse, who is about to be released from jail, was spotted by Nick Cheung, the police officer for his brave criminal past. When Nicholas was released from jail, he stole a car to try and help his sister, who was trapped in a gang to get away. Nick knew about it and told Nicholas that he could get away with stealing a car if he decides to be the stool pigeon. Nicholas agree with a fee of 1million dollars, to help Nick get the man he wanted arrested from the gang.So, one afternoon, when the gang was planning to do a gold shop robbery, Nicholas got the police prepared, but however just not know the exactly location. So the gang managed to sneak away with the stolen gold bars and brought back to melt them immediately. When the police found out the gold had be melted, it is as good as evidence was lost. They can't prove that the gold was stolen from that gold shop. So Nicholas still couldn't get his money after going through all that trouble. The lady from the gang, played by Lunmei Kwai was with Nicholas to helped him get a doctor when he was injured. However, some gang members who managed to fled the scene during the police chase managed to tap on the doctor that Kwai called and got him to take them to where Nicholas was. So, the couple had to flee and lots of bloody slashing and fighting at the end. Nick was back in the end to help. Nicholas died in the end. But Kwai survived.During the show, Nick had his own fair share of problems in his private life. He's current dance teacher is his ex-wife who doesn't know it because she got into an accident and lost her memory about him.3.5/5. Recommended for Hong kong film lovers. Generally a rather intellectual film. Only some scenes with high action.Answer this: Why was Nick arrested in the end? I think he should not be. Some how sometimes. Life can really be unfair. I would pity him.

Jason K (ru) wrote: all the standard "what you thought this would be" kinda things mixed together w a hint of "it almost had a chance to be something" if written and directed by a better person.

Jim R (fr) wrote: Let there be liberty, peace and justice! Open your eyes fellow citizens!

Sven P (it) wrote: Good feelgood/road-movie. Beautifully filmed and has a nice slow pace.

alejandro r (jp) wrote: a total rip off from evreything from speed to die hard.

Becky T (jp) wrote: Very interesting story, and they did a great job of slowly unfolding the story, while at the same time it clipped along at a good pace (not dragging).

Jack W (us) wrote: Stallone's performance is the only highlight of this relatively disappointing film.

Matthew H (us) wrote: The best Arnold movie, ever! It's artsy, angry, and ARNOLD!

Thomas C (ru) wrote: An enjoyable movie experience. The major flaw is obviously the casting of Kevin Costner as Robin Hood, who looks more like he's starring in a soap opera, and has that "all-american shine" kind of wannabe cool thing, and results only in being excessively corny. Too bad, since the supporting acting is awesome: Morgan Freeman and especially Alan Rickman are superb, the latter displaying one of the most original and over-the-top villains I've seen, hilarious in its excessive evil without becoming ridiculous.

Yuri B (br) wrote: Loved this movie... damn the critics!

Federico I (gb) wrote: A film to think about it

Geoff J (kr) wrote: Doesn't even reach Jaws 2 levels of fun 5/10