Baklava is a fairy tale about a country in the heart of the Peninsula and two brothers, separated by the timelessness of the Transition. Djore is 26, dresses in black, listens to drum & bass and does graffiti. Kotze is 9, wears a silver chain, steals, fights and loves pop folk. Their journey in search of a buried treasure introduce us in an end neighborhood populated with weird characters, dark dreams and child's fantasies.

Jore and Kotze hit the road in search of a buried treasure through the intimate secrets of post communist Bulgaria. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Baklava torrent reviews

Paul T (ca) wrote: Better than expected!

Maria M (it) wrote: This movie is a heart touching one... Amazing plot... Excellent actors, music and everything!! Well done!!

Wei Z (it) wrote: Sad and disturbing. Intriguing story telling.

Simone M (it) wrote: Sick, disturbing, powerful portrait of a serial killer. Not for everybody's taste.

Mikey M (ca) wrote: Nearly burst a spring watching this because it is so loaded with visual treats and metaphors. An engaging piece of cinema that follows the entire life of protagonist Toto through regret and enlightenment. It took great influence from Leone's 'Once Upon a Time in America' from what I can see. Obviously it isn't a gangster epic, but the sentiment is very similar.

Riikka N (au) wrote: Kiefer is so cool!!!!

John R (kr) wrote: 130104: I wasn't expecting too much when I purchased this film. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. There are a lot of old school western actors to be found within. Cool guys. Cool bad guys...with guns. Speaking of guns, why do two of the Sacketts carry open top revolvers while the bad guys have primarily SSAs? Poor farmers perhaps (I never really fell for the idea they were farmers)? I couldn't get a good look but they must have been conversions. Anyway, I digress. Long film but busy enough, fun enough, to keep me interested. Would've been good to see on TV, during its original presentation. On the negative side, found Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck to both overact a little bit. Elliot a little too strange, Selleck a little too tough. Small stuff. I'm actually considering 3.5 stars but 3 will do for now.

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