Bal (Honey)

Bal (Honey)

The quiet life of a boy and his family is endangered when his father does not return home from his work collecting honey in the forest.

The quiet life of a boy and his family is endangered when his father does not return home from his work collecting honey in the forest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bal (Honey) torrent reviews

Valerie L (ag) wrote: So much hype. I wasn't impressed. At. All.

Jennie R (ru) wrote: Hate it when I get tot he end of the movie & think "huh"???? This movie made absolutely no sense. It was "Groundhog Day" on crack or something. This is not worth your time. It is neither interesting, scary nor thought provoking. Lame is the best clean four letter word I could come up with for it.

Guye J (au) wrote: Great 2009 Anime Action movie! I am glad the movie had some connection with the episodes. Afro Samurai was no joke in this movie! I wished the director Fuminori Kizaki showed the fight between Afro Samurai and his cloned father. Lucy Liu did a great job doing the voice of Sio! I think Samuel L. Jackson voice for Afro's sidekick Ninja Ninja was a little annoying. I was surprised that Mark Hamill(played Luke Skywalker in Star wars) did the voice for Sio's cyberg brother and RZA voice for the DJ!

P P (ca) wrote: A bold effort from Andrea Arnold in the long-standing British tradition of disquieting social realism." And, in a way, a female rendition "400 Blows". Michael Fassbender fans won't be disappointed - a bravura performance (right around the time of his star turn in Steve McQueen's "The Hunger"

Kevin D (br) wrote: silly metaphysical whatsit benefits greatly from McCarthy's performances

Austin G (ru) wrote: Disney had done better animated features up to this point (2007), but Meet the Robinsons has surprising emotional depth.

Indrajit C (us) wrote: jannat is simply rocksss.....

Amanda B (ag) wrote: this movie is nothing less than fantastic... if anyone knows where i can buy it, let me know!

James H (mx) wrote: 6.5/10. Jack lemmon is one of those very few actors that has never given a bad performance, nor ever been in a bad film. His sincerity in his acting is what defines him. He is truly remarkable. As a film, Mass Appeal is good. Not quite great, but Lemmon's presence lifts this film out of ordinary status. Nicely handled.

Theo W (nl) wrote: This surprisingly gripping tale of self-actualization and humanity maintains a lighthearted tone while still grounding itself in the complications of love. The chemistry between Hepburn and Rex Harrison is some of the best to ever hit the big screen, making this one of the greatest musicals of all time.

peggy c (br) wrote: A beautiful film starring Vivien Leigh & Robert Taylor. It has a scene where the two leads dance in a candlelit room that is one of the most romantic scenes ever. Strong performance from the always gorgeous Miss Leigh. This film really has it all war, romance, separations, sex, illness, and love. A great way to spend an hour or two.

Hannason L (kr) wrote: The film that is most near and dear to my heart. I've seen it at the very least 15 times and still find new details I hadn't noticed before. Michel Gondry is a genius. This film is truly one of a kind.

Chuck S (gb) wrote: First off, I'm a Belle & Sebastian fan, and even more, I was a fan of the pre-movie God Help The Girl music. So for me, even if the movie bombed, it would still be a series of videos for music I already loved.Fortunately, the movie is able to stand on its own, and the actors are charming enough to carry it. The music could have gone wrong, in that the actors actually sing the songs; Emily Browning adds a sweetness that wasn't apparent in the original recordings - not that that's better or worse, only different. It was the first time I had seen Olly Alexander, and I would love to see more. Hannah Murray I was more familiar with, from Skins & Game of Thrones; she was great for the role of Cass, and while not having the strongest of voices, I felt it worked for the role - she was new to music.All in all, it's a film I'll watch again and enjoy, but I'm not sure it's for everyone. I'm certainly a fan.

MissGory R (us) wrote: Once again, Pete Walker proves he has got it, with usual help from the uber-unsettling Sheila Keith, (whom is not listed in Flixster as an actor for faves, such a shame!) This is prolly one of my Favorite walker films..(Except for The House of Long Shadows' which I am just proud to own..) It has Cannibalism, and Power tool splatter, and a plot! I love this film, and I wish Pete Walker was not as underrated...Gorewhore Out.