BALD is the tale of Andrew Wood, a second year university student whose grades are receding faster than his hairline. He hits rock bottom when he finds out that hes been kicked out of school. In an effort to increase his own self esteem and erase his insecurity about losing his hair, Andrew and his best friend Max start an online internet business with all of the girls at college.

This movie takes bad behavior to a whole new level . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bald torrent reviews

Tom K (mx) wrote: One of the worst films I've seen. Watched it on Netflix - it also had annoying yellow subtitles describing sounds and when english was being spoken. Very slow moving with poor acting which made it nigh on impossible to connect with the characters

James M (au) wrote: I just had to buy this movie, I feel it is a great, if not better sequel.

Trey C (us) wrote: Not as funny a mega python bs gatoroid but still funny. And they used NERF guns lol.

cheryl b (au) wrote: actually this movie was quite interesting.

CreativeJamiecom I (br) wrote: Method Man and Lark Voorhees make what should be a run of the mill silly comedy a lot of fun

Daniel F (it) wrote: Great visually, but not as spellbinding as Baraka. Still well worth a watch though.

Matt M (us) wrote: Woody Allen reflects upon himself as an artist with a film freely inspired by 8 1/2 about a filmmaker whose hectic life of being assaulted by fans and critics, he can only seek refuge with his best friend's wife and in his memories of an intense relationhip with a beautiful but insane actress. Half reflective and half celebratory, this film is almost plotless, but uniquely rewarding, with a poingnant taste for the absurd and psychology with a distinctive cinematography made of lengthy uncut shots and the usual witty fast paced dialogue, though perhaps too demanding for people not fond of the filmmaker.

Tom H (de) wrote: Fun and memorable 50`s comedy about 3 "gold diggers" trying to marry a millionaire.